Aerospaced Grinder / Shredder Review
  • Extremely Strong
  • Sifts Perfectly
  • Not all Screens are Replaceable
4.5Overall Score
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Aerospaced Grinders – Shredding your herbs, or anything else you throw in.

I’m taking a break from reviewing vaporizers today , as I have a review of some aluminum grinder shredders from Aerospaced. These Aluminum grinders are CNC’d here in the United States and they absolutely destroy anything you put in its path, then conveniently separates that destruction into two nice grades. 

Putting herbs or tobacco in an aluminum grinder isn’t that much of a challenge.  I know echinacea is pretty tough to grind up, maybe even st. johns wort….but I  wanna see what these things are really capable of, so I took the grinder review on the road to a cookout.   I was having pepper steaks on the river, so you know I had to see what these things could do with peppercorns.  

Aerospaced has Wood and Acrylic versions, but in aluminum has many models and sizes; a two piece that just grinds, but more importantly a four and five piece that separates two different levels of grind.  I need some fine grind for the salad and some coarse for the steaks.   I used the mill version for the review that has a crank on top for extra leverage, but I ended up not needing to.  These grinders are pretty burly.

I used this multi pepper sample; there seems to be peppercorns of multiple hardnesses so hopefully this be a good test. Twasn’t.  With just a quick turn, the peppers were instantly reduced to  an excellent course grind and under the fine screen was a fine powder.  This has a huge advantage over standard pepper mills that can’t separate the grinds it produces.  The non-mill versions blasted through them as well. If you really need to get specific, the five piece will allow for another level of sifting, but I found that the additional screen was producing a semi-fine grind that was too similar to the fine grind to make it worth it.  

These aluminum grinders are built to last, with a strong magnet in the lid and super high quality screens that are really tight.  THere is also a removeable-screen model if you would ever need to clean it.  The teeth are brutally ferocious, and the anodizing is properly done in several colors.  Aerospace etches the end pieces for extra grip and it really makes a difference.  Each grinder includes a small shovel to help pick up the finer grind and comes in a nice black bag.  

Make sure you get the right size, it could be the last grinder you ever own. 


 Aerospaced Grinder
   Cost   $9.99 – 99.99
   Pieces   2-5
   Style   Aluminum
   Warranty   3 Year, 
   MFR   Aerospaced
  Made in   USA