Alaska Legalizes Marijuana – becomes one of three states with more freedoms than the other 47.


It’s a long slow crawl towards freedom federally, but Alaska has officially become the third state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, thanks to a recently passed voter initiative that eradicated decades of fuzzily written laws and court rulings.  While medical marijuana has existed in the state since 1998, now all adult alaskans over the age of 21 can use and possess marijuana without risk of a prison sentance.  


The vote last december ended 53-47 to legalize marijuana, and since then they have ironed out the details:  As of today, Alaskans can not only use up to one ounce of marijuana, they can legally own it, they can transport it, they can grow it in limited amounts, and they can give it away as well.  You can barter for it, but you can’t sell it.  Yet. 


You can possess six plants, but only 3 can be flowering.  Interesting sidenote, you can still possess all the flower from those plants, even if it exceeds the one ounce limit.  This is good, as its not difficult to cultivate up to a pound per plant if you have the space, time and knowhow.  


That is just the first phase of the law.  The second phase will begin next year and should allow for retail sales to adults over 21.  


The municipality of Ancorage has even posted a page with information about the new law, what you can and can’t do with your grow.


Consumption in public is still a crime, which can generate a $100 Fine.  Careful out there Alaskans!  The authorities are claiming that they will be cracking down hard on public consumption.  


Image courtesy of NPR/Mark Theissen/AP


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