Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Tastes Great
  • Options, Options, Options
  • Remote control
Not Pro
  • No bag valve
  • Needs heavier base
  • Whip super stiff
4.0Overall Score
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Extreme Q – Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Scrambled, Topped, Vaped.  

Its 2013.  If you are going to call yourself “Extreme” anything…you better back it up, and hard.  I have been looking forward to the Extreme Q for a long time, its a vape that had always escaped me and my lungs.  I was lured into its gaze by its variety of methods…its sleek appearance, its remote control…WHAT?  Yep, I didn’t know a vape would ever need one, and I thought it was dumb (at first).  And so were the running lights(at first).   If this vape starts spontaneously drifting, I’m outta here…Does its function match its good design?  Lets start it up and let it rip!

Arizer Extreme Q Video Transcript:

Hey Everybody, Vapeologist here with a review of the Arizer Extreme Q vape for Herbals, leaves, liquids and concentrates.  I have been really looking forward to this vape, I have the Arizer Solo portable vape and am very impressed with it.  The Extreme Q seems like it can do it all so lets put it to the test.  

The Extreme Q(and Q stands for quiet, apparently) is a convection vape that can either force hot air through your herbs or allows you to use it as a direct draw vape as well.  Forced air means you can use a bag, so lets look at all the accessories.

Included are two ground glass cyclone bowls, a glass pick with a stirring pick on one end and a screen tool on the other, a potpourri dish, two glass mouthpieces, A right angle ground glass bag filling tube, a right angle ground glass whip with glass mouthpiece,  and   two food grade bags to fill with a glass mouthpiece and o-rings.    Is that it?

Oh yeah a replacement screen for the cyclone bowls, three screens that fit inside any 19mm ground glass fitting, and a remote control.  

Yes, seriously, this has a remove control, that covers power,  temp, fan speed, beep shutoff, shutoff timer, and bottom running lights.  


Okay, as stated this thing has a ceramic heating element surrounded by glass, so that sounds good and inert! I am going to use the WHip today but it fills a bag just as easily.   Turn the unit and set your temp and allow it to climb to your setting while you load the cyclone bowl.  I have never seen a cyclone action take place in the bowl, but your experience may differ.  

Put a screen in your ground glass end to the whip, and that will allow it to trap the herbs.  Sit the cyclone bowl on the heating element as soon as it gets to temp, and inhale.  You can also turn the fan on with the whip if you prefer.  It takes a bit to get the herbs up to temp, but once they get there this thing produces really good vapors that taste exactly what you load up and nothing more.  

They seemed a little thin on the cloud side, but the effect was most definitely there.  Having the option to use a bag as well, and choosing between fan and no fan really opens up options for the Extreme Q.  It can work with a tons of accessories if you had the right adapters, which are popping up left and right.  

I don’t like how stiff the whip is, its a bit unruly at times, but that is manageable.  The bags could REALLY use a valve on them as well, but that isn’t a deal breaker.  The joints on the ground glass pieces are absolutely horrible though.  These are going to break.

I didn’t really like the remote at first, but found myself actually using it more and more now.  Its not that I am being that lazy, its just that the click buttons on the Q itself are just not as easy to use as the remote.  Also the cyclone bowl is after you remove it from the vape so a metal plate or place to put it would be something you will want.  

Overall the quality of construction is good, and it seems durable except for the ground glass welds.  The price is not bad considering this thing can be adapted to any style of inhalation you want, water pieces, percolators, glycerin tubes, whatever.  The vapors taste good and are extremely effective, they are just a bit on the thinner side, but its purely a visual issue as it was still so effective, and that is all that really matters.  Its not about clouds…its about function and effectiveness, and the Extreme Q definitely delivers.   Its like a combo of the SSV and Volcano, just not quite as good as either.   But it’s close. ….




VERDICT: It feels at home in Tokyo, Or TexArkana.  


Arizer Extreme Q
Cost $239.99
Heat-up time < 2 minutes
Style Convection
Warranty 3 Year
MFR Arizer
Made in Canada


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