There is so little that can get dirty(or go wrong at all) with the Arizer Solo Vaporizer, its just a champ of durability and endurance.  I still struggle to deal with the slow draw rate, but with concentrates its a necessary evil.  I actually love this vape alot.  If it could draw faster, it would be closer to the top of the list.


Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, vapologist here with a quick rundown on how to clean your Arizer Solo.  This could be one of the easiest vapes to clean, hands down.

First take your glass and pour some alcohol in it and shake…this should remove any build up, if it doesn’t, just use a pipe cleaner or metal pick to get in there and dislodge anything.

Then inspect the heating chamber, mine is still clean after months of use!  But if you have had herbs fall in and stick to the chamber walls, use a barely most with alcohol q-tip, and get in there and scrub it out.  I have a stainless steel heating chamber, but I know that there are ceramic versions out there, so use great caution when cleaning those.

Check the vent holes at the bottom of the heating chamber for any cloggage, and if you are unable to clear it, definitely contact Arizer.

If you used any amount of alcohol to clean your heating chamber, make sure you turn the unit on and let the alcohol burn off.

Thats really all there is to cleaning the Solo, look for a video on how to replace the battery on the Solo very soon.

For more information on the Arizer solo head over to Vaporizers reviewed for more information.