Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Glass vapor path
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy to Clean
  • Glass easily breakable
  • Long pre-heat
  • Slow draw rate
4.2Overall Score
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The Jack of all Trades

The moment you first hold an Arizer Solo in your hands, you know instantly that this vape is quality.  You first notice how heavy it is…but in sort of a reassuring way. Having just reviewed a few other portables recently, and not being completely in love with any of them, I have high hopes that the Solo will be the portable that I’ve been looking for.

Arizer sends the Solo packed in thick, dense, closed cell foam; this does not bode well for the drop test at the end of the video review.  Also included are a glass potpourri dish,, two glass stems (or “diffusing stems”, or ‘draw whips as Arizer says) an potpourri sample, and a charger

Arizer Solo  Vaporizer Review  1

The Solo has excellent build quality.



This is a convection vaporizer with 7 heat levels, allowing you to heat a wide variety of herbs (see chart on this page for more info about what level has what temps.)  Many vapes have a fixed temp having the variable heat is a welcome addition to a portable.   With a battery as big as the Solo’s, charging times will take up to four hours, but it seems like it also lasts just as long.   As long as you don’t have it on high, you should many many uses out of this thing.  An auto-shutoff keeps you from accidentally draining the battery.

Loading the wand is simple, just pack the bowl in the stem full(do not put your herbs inside the unit, they always belong in the stem.   The first time you try to insert the stem into the unit it will feel like it doesn’t fit.  It fits, you just have to trust that it will and force it.  Use caution: this is glass and we all know what bad things can happen with glass.

Then you inhale.  Or rather, you try to.

On my first draw, I instantly thought something was wrong, or the unit was broken.  It seemed like no air was moving at all.  As hard as I drew, nothing happened.  Its like trying to drink the thickest shake you’ve ever had in your life through a straw. After consulting with a few VapeMasters, I slowed down my draw rate, way down low…and just took long slow hits and what do you know, it worked perfectly!  The taste is quite good, I never tasted anything other that what I loaded.  Nice thick vapors for a portable.  

The bowl doesn’t hold much and doesn’t really lend itself to stirring.  It baked ‘mostly evenly but I found that I was emptying bowls into a special container for when times were tight.  I have seen on forums that people have more success thoroughly baking your herbs when they add a domed screen to the bowl.  Just on an ocular pat-down it looks like it would work, but it does reduce the amount you can load.      The only part you will ever need to clean is the glass.   Those of you who care about what collects on the inside of the glass will prefer the straight glass stem, if you don’t care, then the bent stem is more comfortable.

There aren’t any attachments that I know of, although companies do make custom wands for this thing so look around.  If you want to use liquids or concentrated nicotine you can just put them in a cotton ball and cram that right on in there.  It works great.

Arizer Solo  Vaporizer Review 1

Using concentrated nicotine is easy with the Solo and a bit of Cotton.



The lithium-ion battery lasts a very long time, and you can put just about anything you want inside it. It feels like its built to last.  For its price I think it should come with a padded case.  Despite surviving the drop test, having a small case to hold the glass and unit would be awesome.   The battery lasts a long time as we said, but if you happen to run out of juice during a session, plugging in the vape will only allow you to charge it, not charge it and use it simultaneously.  That’s silly.  They offer a different charger that will allow to use this while plugged in, but it won’t also charge the battery.  Probably not Arizer’s fault, but this should be something that is easily over come in the next version?

 If you do end up using this as your daily driver, the battery will eventually die, as all batteries do. The battery pack is user-replaceable, or Arizer can do it for you for an additional fee. For the drop test I didn’t put the glass stem in because that isn’t what I am trying to test.  I am sure it will break, and its cheaply and easily replaceable.  But the Solo unit alone did wonderfully in the test, no damage at all from 4.5 ft.  It turned on and got hot and is still hitting like a champ.  

Outside of the horrendous draw rate this thing has, I really like the Solo. My dislike is purely personal; I prefer to take easy, natural draws with no restrictions. Not many portables offer that.   That being said, once I learned what this vape wanted from me, it was an effective experience.   Its very well made, has great taste and I really appreciate the variable heat settings.  Its a bit expensive for a portable, but if you travel a lot or need something small and portable, the Solo is a very good investment.

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