Atmos Orbit Review
Easy to Clean
  • It doesn't combust
  • Intense flavors
  • Strong battery
  • Only one temperature
  • Gets warm
  • No USB
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Atmos sheds its skin and returns with another solid contender. 

ATMOS.  I haven’t had many good experiences with Atmos products.  Truth is, I’ve tried lots of Atmos products and have been extremely disappointed with all of them.  Low quality wax pens, and herb pens that combusted.   Just the lowest of the low.   I had to change my opinion a bit after trying the Atmos Transporter, a flask-style portable vaporizer that had a completely new approach to the heater system, an approach that actually works.   It was clean, packed lots of power and vapes consistently without ever coming near combustion  


I got ahold of another new Atmos model, the Orbit, to see how it stacked up against the Transporter.  Same new life or would it be the Atmos of old?  



Like the Transporter, the Orbit uses a high-grade ceramic chamber with an embedded heating element to vaporize dry herbs Its l body is protected  resistant anodized shell, a pleather grip on the battery for a comfortable grip. Introducing a feature that should be standard on herb pens, it has an LED to illuminate the heating chamber! BRILLIANT.  t also contains an internal LED light that illuminates the heating chamber when being filled. At an inch thick and 8 inches long, this ‘pen’ style vape is more like ‘biggest magic marker you have ever seen’. 




The heating chamber is very well constructed.  Quality materials used throughout, we’re even okay with the silicone ring in the top that hides the LED.  Silicone has been creeping closer and closer to heating chambers lately, this is a perfect example of that.  The screen at the bottom of the heating chamber doesn’t seem replaceable, but with air constantly going up through it, instead of vapors, it should stay clean.  The Orbit doesn’t include extra screens, so we hope it doesn’t get dirty.

 Atmos Orbit


The Orbit isn’t small for a pen vape, but it packs a pretty large battery. You can get a lot of sessions out of one charge.  It heats up fast, in about 45 seconds.  




The Orbit has a safety switch that allows you to turn the LED on the interior without starting the oven, a nice feature.  The oven doesn’t have a lot of crevices where parts come together, typically an area that collects trichomes and organic debris. The chamber is pretty large, definitely enough for two people, or a single rager.  The mouthpiece was nice and large and has an internal ceramic section that helps cool the vapors.  Due to the high temps this thing gets to, the vapors were a little warm, but nothing that ever drove us to care about it.  




You can see in the image below that the Orbit isn’t combusting, the hallmark of previous Atmos products.  BUT…and this is a pretty big BUT…there is no temperature setting on the orbit, you are stuck with the temp its set at, which we measured to be around 418F.  This is still in the safe range for avoiding combustion, but as you can see, the herbs were as roasty toasty as yo can get without combusting.  I know a ton of people who will love this, because it caused the vapors to be a little more thick, slightly roasty, and if that is what you like, this is absolutely the pen for you.   It reminded me a bit of a Silver Surfer vaporizer when you pull too slowly and the temps get a little too high.  Still perfectly viable vapors, but THICK.




The Atmos isn’t small, but it certainly packs a punch.  Large battery, large illuminated heating chamber, large airflow.  Just make sure to use the silicone sleeve, this thing brings the heat so it’s a little warm after a few sessions.  Unlike previous Atmos models, the Orbit was very well constructed, and functions exactly as it should.  For the price, its pretty hard to beat.  




We didn’t want to believe it either, but Atmos has made themselves(and us) a kick ass vape.  Well made, doesn’t combust at all, and has a super large battery to keep it raging all night long.  What more could you want?


Atmos Orbit Vape



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