Atmos RX Pen Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Excellent purple color
  • Superb electronic pipe
  • Can be used to wedge a door open
Not Pro
  • Combusts
  • Combusts
  • Did we mention...
2.3Overall Score
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RAW Deal

This vape came so close to being a killer product.  But…due to the slight…combustion issue…it didn’t get very good grades.  First “1” I have ever given.  The  Atmos RAW snuck on the market but was probably a few weeks shy of being done with R&D.  This vape will combust your raw goods, so be warned.  If you like to smoke, this thing rocks.  But its not a vape.  I hear of a glass insert that should have come with it…(tons have apparently arrived without it) so I will seek that out and definitely give this vape another chance.  It was built so well, and had many great qualities.  Check out the review above and see what RAW really meant.


Atmos Thermo W Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, Vapeologist here with a review of the pen vape the Atmos Raw.  I am just getting into pen vapes right now and have tried three or four with varying success rates, but all of them are at least passable vaporizers.  Or atomizers.  Or cartomizers or whatever.  

All of them have only accepted liquids or concentrates, so the Atmos Raw is the first designed for ground flowers and leaves.  I was hoping that someone would put out an herbal vape that worked, and Atmos other liquid concentrate models work from good to great, so my hopes were high.  

This thing comes packaged well, and included is a 510 style battery, a ceramic herbal heating chamber, and cooling mouthpiece. There is a cleaning brush and stirring/packing tool, and  a wall wort USB charger, which could be an issue in some locations, a one foot cord would have been nice…

Atmos;s vapes have a great feature that allow you to turn off the button so its not accidentally pressed in your pocket, purse or backpack, so we click it five times to unlock it.  

This vape uses a metal heating coil at the base of the ceramic chamber.  It looks like it get pretty hot, because it does.  Unfortunately this vape isn’t really a vape.  THe metal wire gets way too hot and you will combust your herbs every time.  THe spring that sits in the mouthpiece  jams your herbs right on to the wire.  I tried using it without, then nothing happened at combustion, no vape, nothing.  See how they come out blackened, and there is even a bit of white ash as well.  

ITs a shame because this is a nice looking vape, that is built very well and seemingly has a good design.  The price isn’t that bad, and it seems like it would be pretty durable.  THe 510 style battery fitting is nice, you can add other batteries in an emergency.  The warranty isn’t great, but its a pen vape so that is normal.  

If this was marketing as a pipe, well they crushed it.  Its  a great subtle piece if you want to smoke herbs, but if you only want to vape, you will want to stay as far away from this thing as possible.  Herbal pen vapes just aren’t there yet.  THis one isn’t even close.  If you want a pen vape to use with flowers or leaves, you’re gonna have to wait a little longer.  THe technology is evolving rapidly so it won’t be long.  

VERDICT: A Smokers delight.  Its not a vape.  
Atmos RAW
Cost $189.99
Heat-up time < 2 seconds
Style Conduction
Warranty 30 day
MFR Atmos
Made in China


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