Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Worked a few times
  • Easy to charge
  • Very discreet
Not Pro
  • Metalic taste
  • Atomizer falls out
  • Atomizer dies quickly
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Wax on, Wax off


Sometimes a vape comes along that just works.  Well, that happens a lot acually, but the Thermo W from Atmos is a vape I am kicking myself for not getting sooner.  Its small, it works, and it hits like a champ.  It has a very specific use, but if you have that need, you could do WAAAAAY worse than the Thermo.  If you are someone who likes to wax poetic, wax your car, or wax on and wax off, and you know who you are, this pen will help you long into the night.    


Atmos Thermo W Video Transcript:

Hey Everybody, Vapeologist here with a review of the Atmos W pen vape for liquids and concentrates.  Atmos makes a few models of vapes, or atomizers or cartomizers,  which work pretty well, so this has big shoes to fill.  

The unit comes with a battery, two atomizer tips, and a retractable USB charger.  Only one end is USB, the other is the old school barrel style, so don’t lose this, its not as easy to replace as your normal micro USB chargers that everyone is moving to.  

Atmos vapes come with a built in safety lock for the switch, so clicking it on five times will turn that off and allow you to use the pen.  Charge it up and its ready to load.

Its a simple setup, the W uses a metal wire wrapped around a wick to heat your concentrates until they atomize.  After you load it up, replace the silicone cap/screen, and now you can start vaping.  Or atomizing…or

The thing is about the W…it frackin works!  It produces nice tasty hits that are completely cool!  The purer the concentrate you put in the better, sometimes there is particulate from the process still in the concentrate, and that can combust easily, but its usually so small that it should not be an issue.

Aways insist in quality concentrates!

Its best not to put too much into the unit, as it could spill out if you aren’t careful, so either use it all up, (which is obviously recommended)  or remove the MP, stand it up vertically, and allow it to cool.  The battery life is okay…it lasts for about 5-10 sessions before I get power issues.  For some that could mean an hour, for some that could mean ten days.  You will definitely want to keep you charger close.  

It isn’t perfect, but this little pen is pretty mighty.  I could wax on about the various situations where this would shine, but we don’t have all day.  Keep it charged, keep it loaded, and keep yourself VERY happy.  

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VERDICT: With the right concentrates, its awesome.  
Atmos Thermo W
Cost $59.99
Heat-up time < 2 seconds
Style Conduction
Warranty 30 day
MFR Atmos
Made in China


Always purchase your Thermo W from an Authorized Retailer.