AtmosRX Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Instant Heating
  • Good Flavor
  • Atomizer Won't Last Long
  • Long Charge Time
3.2Overall Score
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Smoke No More

The first vape pen I ever used probably saved my life.  This pen makes that look like childs play. I was so impressed with the Optimus, check out the video to see why!




AtmosRX Optimus 510 Video Transcript:


Hello Everybody on the vapor trail, vapeologist here with the review of the Atmos Optimus 510 for concentrates and e-liquids.  I quit smoking cigarettes a few years ago with the help of a pen that was similar to this, and it may have saved my life.  What’s changed in three years?

First off, the tank is awesome, there is absolutely no leaking at all.  It easy to fill and easy to see what your levels are.  Having a syringe is ideal but you can use the normal dropper as well.  It has the synthetic strings inside the tank to help deliver the liquid to the atomizer, which you might be able to see here.  


The Optimus does take a few hours  to fully charge, but once its ready the battery life is very good.  The heat is almost instantaneous, as soon as I press the button its crackling away in there and ready to go.  

The vapors seem to a bit purer than I remember, but I can’t confirm that.  The vapors were thick if I so chose, and extremely consistent whether I was taking quick puffs or long drawn out drags.  



I am using nicotine free liquid, but tested it with liquids of different consistencies and ingredients, and it vaped them all up like a champ.

I think this is a great example of how far the technology has come in the last few years.  Man there are, or used to be,  so many shitty pens out there.  Not the Optimus.   I would give this vape to any smoker, and feel confident they are instantly going to get it…you can get your nicotine or herbal fix in huge dense clouds that don’t stink up the room.  Game over for smoking.  The Atmos Optimus is just a crazy good pen vape.  This won’t leave my side for awhile.  



AtmosRX Optimus 510
Cost $69.99
Heat-up time < 1 second
Style Cartomizer
Warranty 2 Year
MFR Atmos RX
Made in China