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Atmos Orbit
3.9Atmos Rebirth

Atmos Orbit Review

The Atmos isn't small, but it certainly packs a punch. Large battery, large illuminated heating chamber, large airflow.
4.6Menage a Pen

QuickDraw 300 DLX Review

 Introducing the QuickDraw 300 DLX.  Finally a pen vape that works for herbs.  Revenge of the vapeWould you believe it if I said some company f...

VapeTracker: Spyre v1.1

As we head into Summer 2014, the progression of handheld and portable vaporizers is in full swing.  New to the Market is the Spyre Vaporizer, v1....

VapeTracker: Grasshopper Update

Well the progress on the Grasshopper is coming along nicely.  They just posted another video, this time discussing the replaceable battery and chargi...

microG Pen Vaporizer Review

Dome Crushing Stealth Mode. I think we have seen this design before....ahh yes, just last week.  The Atmos W.  The differences are slight, but the ...
Grasshopper Back End Temp Control

VapeTracker: Grasshopper Update

As mentioned before, the ZenPen is now the grasshopper, and they are claiming that it is to be released in a month.  According to the grasshoppervape...
Atmos RAW

Atmos RX Pen Vaporizer Review

This vape came so close to being a killer product. But...due to the slight...combustion issue...it didn't get very good grades. First "1" I have ever given. The Atmos RAW snuck on the market but was probably a few weeks shy of being done with R&D.
Atmos Thermo W

Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review

Wax on, Wax off Sometimes a vape comes along that just works.  Well, that happens a lot acually, but the Thermo W from Atmos is a vape I am kick...
3.2Chicken Dinner

AtmosRX Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review

The first vape pen I ever used probably saved my life. This pen makes that look like child's play. I was so impressed with the Optimus, check out the video to see why!
Persei Vaporizer

Persei Vaporizer Review

Persei Concentrate Vaporizer  - THC Scientific (makers of Omicron) $199.95  Persei KitThe Persei Vaporizer is a very portable active conduction/...
Omicron v2.5

Omicron V2.5 Vaporizer Review

Omicron V2.5 by THC Scientific$139.99Everyone's favorite concentrate vapor pen - now waterproof and much more durable.The Omicron V2.5 features is a 4...