PAX Labs Patent James Monsees Via

Pax Labs Goes All In

Pax Labs is on a mission to take over the world.  Okay that's a bit drastic, but they certainly have their sights set on dominating the entire vaporizer industry, from herb vapes (PAX 1, PAX 2) to the cigarett...
Zeus Mobile Phone

Zeus Cellular Vaporizer

Wearing your purple hat of confusion?  If not, we have you covered.  A 'release' was sent out today announcing the Zeus Mobile Phone.  Is this the next iPhone killer?  You can't really call yourself Zeus an...
Vaporizing hops

Let’s Vape Some Hops

Lagunitas Brewing company from California Chicago must be one super cool company.  If you going to be in the D.C. area o June 6, you can roll on down to  Smoke and Barrel (2471 18th St. NW; June 4, 5 p.m., f...
Muad-dib lava module

VapeTracker – Muad-Dib Lava

Just look at it.  While I wait for a vaporizer to be released with just a little more cowbell, I may have to settle for lasers.  It's not a terrible trade-off, you can do a lot of cool shit with lasers.  The...

VapeXhale Vapes For Health

VapeXhale will Pay for two months of your Gym Membership.  Seriously.  What's the catch?  There's always a catch.  If you purchase a Cloud EVO starter kit by June 3 2015, you can send in proof of your gym m...


Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Veterans Medical Marijuana AmendmentThis is absolutely awesome news.  The first time the Senate ever votes on a medical marijuana bill, it passes.  The vote was 18-12....

Eagle Energy Vapor – A Caffeine Vape!

Cigarettes will largely become a thing of the past soon.  The ease, benefits, and cost savings of eCigs are too undeniable.  Could a simple cup of coffee soon join the vice heap in lieu of more technologicall...

Ceramic Donut in the Wild

Could this be the end of metal coils?I've been following the Divine Tribe thread on FC for months, and have been super geeked about ceramic donuts as a replacement, or alternative, to  more traditional metal c...

Crowdfunding Vaporizers

Crowdfunding Requires More Than Clicking ContributeI posted last week about the Kandypens K-Vape Micro DX Indiegogo campaign for a vape that was just a clone of the Airis Viva, Wulf SX, and a few others.  At t...

Snoop Dogg Bush G Pro From Grenco Science

In what is surely a first for the vaporizer, and music industries, Snoop Dogg has released a new version of his G Pro Vaporizer, and included with purchase are a pot(in which to grow) seeds ( not litigious if g...
Vapir Prima Vaporizer

VapeTracker – Vapir Prima Vaporizer

Funny, I was just posting last night about the Vapir Rise, and this morning awake to find they have  a new model!  Announced today was the Vapir Prima Vaporizer, what is being called 'first in its generation ...
K Vape

K-Vape Micro-DX

Kandypens is back on are back on the crowdfunding Indiegogo site with what they are calling the 'first true portable convection vaporizer'. Really?
Atmos Orbit
3.9Atmos Rebirth

Atmos Orbit Review

The Atmos isn't small, but it certainly packs a punch. Large battery, large illuminated heating chamber, large airflow.