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 Not every vape is right for everyone.  And sadly some, are right for no one.   I started this site in order to bring order to the madness.  I have been vaping for nearly 10 years, have worked in the glass industry and consulted on the periphery of the vaporizer industry.  Many vapes have come and gone and I have tried to use them all.   There are many worthy vapes out there, but which reigns supreme?  That is the goal of this site, to help you decide what works for you.  I have my favorite vape, for sure, but keep an open mind and have many in my daily rotation.

Despite being on the market for up to 13 years now, the vape industry is still in its infancy, and that creates challenges to making an informed choice.  Many designs are good but still need refinement!  I turn down reviews every single day, I can tell a crappy vape from 100 paces!  I only put up reviews of vapes that I think you should know about, and maybe a few popular choices might sneak in for good measure.   

Not every vape is for everyone.  I want to point out exactly what sets each vape apart from the rest so you can find exactly the right vape for you.  This is about putting something in your lungs, and I take that extremely seriously.  

I help you sort through all the marketing jargon and see the vapes true identity.  Do you have a suggestion about a review or comment to add?  I encourage a healthy open debate on this site.


Ratings Explainer:

Firstly, These reviews are alive.  I review things as I get them, but will also return for updates to the post…30-60-90 test drives.  Sometimes impressions change over time.  So if you see a vape on day at 8.9 and come back the next day and it 8.8, know that this is why.

Taste – I feel this is nearly the most important metric to judge a vape by.  Can it get your vapors to you cleanly, without imparting any taste of electronics, plastics, or otherwise?  Are the hits smooth?  Is the true flavor of your herbs there?

Pre-Heat Time – This is a bit subjective, as some vapes are instantly ready, and others need a few minutes to heat up.  I judge home based units differently than I do portables.  Portables that heat in under a minute will get good marks, for home base units I bump that to two minutes.

Materials/Construction/Durability Were quality materials used?  Was it made with care?  Was the airpath isolated from electronics? There seems to be a direct correlation between durability and warranty length.  Some vapes seem disposable.  Others are most definitely built to last you a lifetime.

Easy to Clean? All vaporizers will get dirty.  All.  But some are easier to clean than others.

Warranty – 2 year, 5 year, 10 year, Lifetime?  Obviously the longer is better.   If a company can’t stand behind their vapes, how are you supposed to?

Price – This is very subjective.  I look at value, effectiveness and taste, combined with durability and materials…are you getting what you pay for?  And of course this isn’t based on reality, or on what things “should” cost, but rather based comparatively for the industry.  I take the most expensive vape, and the cheapest vape, and ask myself if the product matches where i falls on the least/most scale.  An expensive vape can get a good price rating…if it earns it.  Conversely if a vape is inexpensive but crap, then it gets a poor rating.


Why I buy where I buy – You can buy your vape anywhere.  There are a ton of vape sellers out there.  I have had bad expereinces, and I want to save you from the hassle.  You can find my images from this site on numerous shady vape sellers out there, who have stolen my IP, so its not a stretch to think that they would steal from their customers too.  I’ve bought vapes everywhere. Shops, websites, festivals, conventions, and trunks of cars.   I choose this site because they have consistently given me the best experience.  They go out of their way to make the entire experience great.  And if for some reason it isn’t, they fix it immediately.  I get my vapes from a variety of sources.  Some are directly from the manufacturer, some are from vape distributors.  Some I pay for, some I am provided for free.  Some of my reviews have links back to those that provided me the vape.  If you follow those links, and buy that vape, I get a commission.  BUT…I am always completely honest about what I like, and don’t like about the vaporizers, and often this does not sit well with the manufacturers or distrubuters.  But I strive to provide you with the best information I can, so you can make as informed choice as possible.