Crowdfunding Requires More Than Clicking Contribute

I posted last week about the Kandypens K-Vape Micro DX Indiegogo campaign for a vape that was just a clone of the Airis Viva, Wulf SX, and a few others.  At the time I noted that something didn’t seem right.  A few days ago, the IGG campaign mysteriously disappeared, and you are greeted with a version of the image above.  I checked Kandypens site, and sure enough its for sale and ready to ship!  The campaign was far from over, but the last time I checked they had raised over $25k.  


What happened to that money?  The campaign was flexible funding, meaning that even if the goal wasn’t reached, the company still go to keep all the money.  I checked Kandypens  BookFace Page and found the following statement:


Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, Indiegogo decided to end our campaign prematurely and refund all contributors. We are still trying to find out why. So we have decided to launch early! We are happy to say it is for sale now!

We are extending to you the same discount offered on IGG of 25% off the retail price $199.95 on our website


( The 25% discount is kinda bullshit, as the other vapes that this is a clone of only cost $149.  So, they just inflated the price and then offered a discount to make you feel special.  What a load of crap.  This is shady, and not the kind of company I would ever recommend doing business with.  If you google around enough, you’re going to find A LOT of reasons to not want to do business with this company.  Put the power of the internet to good use.  )


Vaporizer crowdfunding campaigns appear often, and many if not most of them are honest, hard-working individuals that have created something original.  They’re seeking like-minded people to help them fund their projects and bring them to market.  This cost barrier is often the only thing that prevents many excellent ideas and inventions from  getting to market.  But before you click ‘contribute’, do some research, make sure the people you’re backing haven’t already been busted by the FTC.  We all make mistakes, but that kind of information is vital to your decision on whether or not to contribute to a flexible funding crowdfunding campaign.  


Did Kandypens do anything wrong?  Its hard to say, but Inidiegogo shut them down for a reason.  Hopefully that reason is so that it maintains its image as a breeding ground for innovation Everyone got their money back, as Indiegogo wisely shut this down and issued refunds.  The vape is for sale to those who want it on the companies website, just make sure to use the coupon code or Kandypens is gonna get ya for and EXTRA $50 that other companies with similar clones aren’t going to charge you.  

UPDATE: 5-21-2015 – I just learned the another vaporizer company was kicked off IGG for terms violation, as IGG now considers a vape to be drug paraphernalia. Hey, IGG…pull your head out.  Its possible that was the only reason Kandypens was booted as well.  


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  • Eric Nicolas Wong

    This happened to our campaign as well. We are a vaping technologies company and we were trying to crowdfund our product, the REMIX eHookah which only uses ELiquid/Ejuice. IGG handled the situation very poorly and we’re in talks with still refunding our supporters. IGG defintely needs their support team better situated with helping their users.