Da Buddha Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Ceramic heater
  • Borosilicate glass parts
  • Food grade whip
  • Baseplate is cheap
  • No hands free attachment
4.6Overall Score
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DaBuddha Vaporizer: The Perfect Zen?

A few years after the introduction of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, 7th Floor noticed that cheap knockoffs were arriving on our shores.  They didn’t function the same, didn’t taste as good, and surely were not made to last; they had a price point to match.  To combat these nefarious no-gooders, 7th Floor created the Da Buddha Vaporizer.  They started with the heart and soul of the SSV: the awesome ceramic heating element from the SSV, and created a stripped down version of the rest of the unit.  They wanted to make sure this vape functioned exactly the same as the SSV, but at ⅔  the price.

They crushed it.  But it wasn’t really difficult to crush.

DaBuddha Vaporizer

The DBV comes with 110/220v unit, hose, mouthpiece, wand, pick ,extra screens and a padded travel bag.

Unless you pack the wand completely full, you should be able to inhale normally and easily.  This vape flows really well.   Since the unit isn’t fan-driven and the airflow is completely up to you, if the heat is on high and you inhale too slowly, the air has more time to heat up around the ceramic element; it could possibly get too hot, hot enough to combust.   Easy fix: inhale faster, or turn the heat down.   It will take you a moment to find what level your particular draw rate needs.  Once you find the sweet spot, remove the knob, align the indicator to 12 o’clock, press the knob back on, and you will always know exactly what your proper setting is. The learning curve is swift and easy, and something you will probably forget about until you have a friend over that pulls differently.The DBV uses the same quality ¼ inch aluminum housing as an SSV, a clear borosilicate glass wand, heater cover and mouthpiece, ceramic heating element, and food grade tubing. The tubing for the DBV (and SSV) could be a bit longer; another foot would be amazing.  The baseplate is super cheap plastic, and can definitely break if dropped.  They could have definitely used a different plastic that allowed them to save money but also didn’t suck.    The knob is also cheap-o plastic, but the mechanism it operates is the same high quality as the SSV.  A padded travel bag is also included with padded interior pockets for your glass.  It comes in standard silver anodized, or black powder coating for $20 more.  They have a run of red powdercoated units currently on their site(+$20), but its not clear if this is a permanent option or simply a test run.  The DBV is exactly the same as the SSV, just with a vertical housing, less paint, and clear glass.  All things considered, this vape is a killer deal compared to the SSV.

7th Floor ceramic heating element

7th Floor took the heating element out of a soldering iron…there is always plenty of heat.

Sure – you don’t have the color options of the SSV, the baseplate is plastic instead of aluminum, the control knob isn’t custom glass…and the ‘angle of the dangle’ isn’t the same, but as far as function this vape is spot on the same.  This vape tastes great, hits hard, and never quits being hot.One main difference between the DBV and SSV is the angle of the heater cover.  On the SSV the HC/Wand angle down, allowing the herbs to remain in the chamber if its loaded fully/loosely.  On the DBV, the HC/Wand combo is horizontal.  Not a real problem, but many seem to prefer the wand to angle down.  It was never an issue for me, but it might be for you.   Worst case scenario…you or someone accidentally blows through the whip instead of inhaling, which forces the herbs into the heater cover, igniting them.  It happens to the best of us – once – and no wand angle can save you from this.

So at its core, this is a fantastic vape.  If you don’t want to customize every single element but want something that works great, the DBV is absolutely the vape for you.  It could be the best deal on the market, nothing in this price point hits as hard.

This purchase will make you smile.  For Years.  


VERDICT:  For the price, this could be the best vape on the market.