Dr. Dabber Ghost brings low temps and titanium for incredible flavors.  


The number of pens on the market is too damn high.  Its just too high. One pen after another after another until I wanna puke!  There a hand full of designs and a million versions of each.  I  used the Dr. Dabber Ghost recently and realized that there are others that feel the way I do, and want nothing more than to refine the design. The ghost isn’t a radical departture from what you know of already,but on so many levels its a refinement to the function, and overall experience.




The Kit comes with a silicone container for your oils or waxes, an extra atomizer, an extra atomizer, charging cable and tool.  The tool is too small and has no way to attach it to anything or anything to it. The silicone container is crap, the lid pops right off at the slightest breeze.  But this Ghost though? 




The atomizer is well designed with a titanium coil, ceramic crucibla, and o-rings around the seals.  The coil heats up quickly, but not too hot.  As in, not too hot.  Dr. Dabber knows that you don’t want to burn your oils, so the temps are just right there in the goldilocks zone.  




The Threading on the Dr. Dabber is standard 510 / eGo.  650mah and 3.7v..  Nothing special here, other than its enough power to keep you going for half a day but still stay small enough to be mostly discreet. 




The mouthpiece breaks down into three pieces.  The silicone plug helps cool, but only so much.  I love warm vapors, so if you don’t, Dr. Dabber has a water filter adapter that looks pretty badass. 




Here we can see the silicone o-rings.  Its a nice touch, but also a warning.  They’re there for a reason. 


drdabber-106 Dr. Dabber Ghost


I’lll spend  a week or two hitting it hardcore, and be back with a full-blown review.  



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