Dr. Dabber Light – The Dr. releases another cure for what ails ya. 

For the past week or so I have been getting to know the Dr. Dabber Ghost, a pen vape for oils that is completely changing my mind about pen vapes.  A titanium coil plus purposeful lower temps means excellent flavor and longer lasting batteries.  Well today I was introduced to the newest member of the Dr.’s staff, the Light.  A tiny little guy, or gal, that packs the same titanium coil and lower temps in a slim, sleek and slightly sexy design.  



The Light is about an inch shorter than the Ghost, but much thinner and lighter.  The Light outputs roughly the same power, it just has less of it to put out.  its hard to find a positive side to a small battery…how about quick charge times?


Dr. Dabber Light


The battery clearly will need to be recharged pretty often, unless you’re an occasional vaper.  The Light comes with an extra coil, so atomizer life is probably as good as anything else out on the market but probably not better.  Five click lock is standard, ABS brakes are extra.  


Dr. Dabber Light



The USB charger is cable-less and takes up zero space, and the silicone container seems to have been upgraded to a better closure design, one I would actually use.   This kit need a container included, too many parts to travel without one. 


Dr. Dabber Light



I assumed a smaller design meant smaller production, but the first hit was absolutely on point: no device flavor at all, excellent vapor production and actual FLAVOR.  It was exactly the same experience as the Ghost


I can see some areas of concern, so let me test this thing out for another week and see how hard I can push it until it submits.  


Dr. Dabber Light will be available soon.  


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  • Mario Santiago Gualán O

    How it works with weed?

  • Jack Jaxson

    Any long term update? I am very interested in this for the size. Can I load the chamber and take one hit over a few days without having to refill it?

  • joe blow

    how has it been working so far? and about how long does it last until the battery can no longer heat up the coil to the preferred temp. for a solid hit.

    • vaporizersreviewed

      The battery last a surprisingly long time. I never let it get all the way down though, so it hard to say.