Cigarettes will largely become a thing of the past soon.  The ease, benefits, and cost savings of eCigs are too undeniable.  Could a simple cup of coffee soon join the vice heap in lieu of more technologically advanced methods?  Eagle Energy Vapor of Canada has released a disposable unit that vapes caffeine!  It actually vapes more than just caffeine, with an ingredient list that mimics most energy drinks today, as  follows: caffeine (guarana extract), taurine and ginseng. Even the companies color scheme is exactly the same as RedBull.  That might now go over well in Salzburg.eCig_Breakdown1

Eagle claims that the Energy Vapor can produce 500 puffs of boosty vapors, but it will only last three days.  They say that a typical person will want 5-10 puffs to equal what they would normally drink.   Doing the math, and considering the pen only lasts three days, that’s the equivalent of 100 cups of coffee.  In three days.  Uhhhh….wha?


availability is sketchy, so I’m going to contact Eagle Energy company and get a ten pack to test out. They aren’t expensive, @ around $10 or less.    I’m actually kind of excited about these, the potential of vaporizers is growing daily and I’m all about finding new and healthy ways to integrate vapes into our lives.  I know that big pharma has been looking into delivery of medicines outside of marijuana such as an insulin vaporizer, vitamin compounds and more.


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