The Easy Vape – a cheap, Chinese imitation box vape that offers easy, accidental combustion of herbal blends.

The Easy Vape is a box-style desktop vaporizer made in China.  The Easy Vape uses a polycarbonate shell with an internal glass-on-glass whip attachment for hands-free use and a  ceramic heating element for vapor production.  It features an LCD temperature display.  The warranty depends on the sales channel and usually requires a price premium.


The Easy Vape is a Chinese knockoff of the Vapor Brother’s hands-free box style product.  It’s of lesser quality than the Vapor Brothers product, and of course you can find it for very low prices online.  The only way to have any kind of warranty protection, however, is to pay a higher price through one of the larger vaporizer distributors.  Playing around with the Easy Vape, I was able to produce some pretty decent vapor although it seemed dangerously close to combustion.  The taste wasn’t great and upon further inspection, it appears as though the airflow passes through the electronics.    I also found that the heat didn’t seem stable when set to a specific temperature.


  • low price


  • combustion is possible if not used correctly
  • inaccurate temperature readings
  • airflow passes through electronics
  • some learning curve to produce vapor efficiently
  • Chinese knockoff with questionable support


As a Chinese knockoff product, the Easy Vape could be a lot worse.  Unfortunately, it’s still a lousy product and I would recommend anyone and everyone steer clear of it.  The temperature fluctuations help make it easier than it should be to accidentally combust and the poor air flow placement raises health and safety concerns.  The lack of consistent warranty policy and the fact that it’s manufactured in China really make me doubt any kind of support, replacement, or repair will be available in the case something goes wrong.  DO NOT BUY.

Rating:  2/10