Firefly vaporizer concentrate pads have no competition.  Just some cleanup.  

Since the introduction of the new concentrate pads for the Firefly,. its been my portable vape of choice for concentrates.  Nothing tastes as good  and also delivers monsterous clouds on-the-go.  The only (and I mean ONLY) downside to this is that I load too much, and the Firefly makes me pay.  I wasn’t designed for concentrates, so you have to be very careful how you use it, or your going to have a mess on your hands.  


Firefly Vaporizer - PCB


The Firefly is extremely well designed, and with proper care should last a very, very long time.  We love that the chassis has a clear separation of the airflow and the electronics.  Use of ceramic is abundant, and the super alloy coil they use is just completely flavorless.  The airpath is stainless, so the the Firefly + Concentrate pads = Waxgasm.    I liked the Firefly with herbs.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Firefly with the Concentrate Pads.  


 Firefly Vaporizer- Coil



There’s a lot to the Firefly.  Inside and out, from the PCB to the glass heating chamber, the Firefly was expertly designed.  You can tell is was designed or herbalists, by herbalists.  Like a fine wine, the Firefly seems to be getting better with age.  They recently released a new battery that should last longer and charge faster, so look for a review of those soon.  


Firefly Vaporizer - Dismantled



You probably shouldn’t mess around insde your Firefly.  True story, I probably shouldn’t be mucking about in there either.  But I did, and am glad I did.  If you do, just make sure you coil looks just like this when your done:


 Firefly Vaporizer - Coil Closeup



Firefly Vaporizer - Battery terminals


While the Firefly was not designed for Concentrates, they work damn well in there.  It can be a bit of a mess if you’re greedy, but we think the Firefly 2 will have an option or design that will be designed with concentrate use in mind first and foremost.  

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