One word: D-e-v-a-s-t-a-t-i-n-g

I could throw up some images, and end the review right there.  There’s simply nothing more to say.  The Firefly concentrate pads worked so well, the Firefly suddenly rocketed into first place for portable concentrate use.  I can’t even believe I just wrote that.  Lets back up a quick moment. 

FireFly Vaporizer Gray

When the Firefly first came out, I was, like many, in love with its aesthetic.  It looked like no other, was made like no other, and functioned like…well I guess no other.  At that time I was going through a concentrate phase, so I wasn’t using the Firefly very much.  I hit it hard for a couple of weeks, but then put it on the shelf for many months.  


Firefly Concentrate Pads


I heard about the new concentrate pads about two weeks ago, and was super skeptical.  I had loaded wax into 100% pure cotton and loaded that in the Firefly when I first got it, but it only worked to varying degrees, and the hits were never very impressive.  So, how much different could these be?  When I first got them, I was reminded of Storz & Bickels Liquid Pads, which are a huge amount of thin stainless steel wire compressed into a disc.  I’ve used those but was never really impressed, again, weak sauce on the vapor quality.  As I looked closer to the Firefly concentrate pads, I could tell they were made to a bit higher degree of quality.  The wire is much finer, its packed much tighter and is therefore more dense than the S & B  pads.  The Firefly pads were also a bit firmer, and far smaller.  


The pads come with some instructions, that I found out definitely need to be followed. You must heat them in the chamber for about ten seconds, during which time you wait without drawing.  Then you engage the heater again, and take 4-5 large cigar puffs on it.  You may not see vapor yet.  Which holding the button down and blasting with full power,  I took a very small hit to see if I got anything…and there were some wisps.  That’s how you know its ready.  

Again while holding the power button, I took a very long(~30 second) hit.  After about 5 seconds, I knew I was in trouble.  After 20 seconds, my lungs were ready to explode, but I held on for dear life until the half minute mark.  I exhaled, and out came a truly massive cloud  of vapor that I usually only get on my nails.  I was shocked.  Stunned.  Surprised into silence.  I quickly realized how amazing it was, and began to heat and hit it again.  Again, another huge cloud.  


Firefoly Concentrate Pads



I set the Firefly down on my coffee table and stared at it with that look…that special look you give someone or something when you realize that your going to be spending a LOT of time together.   A lot of really good, really meaningful moments of your life.  The Firefly went from the shelf to my new best friend in one quick  minute.  I am immediately going to buy an extra battery and car charger…this thing’s going everywhere.  I’n going to rage this hard for a week, all day and all night and give a full review.  Can it hold up to the rigors of being a daily portable concentrate rig?  Yep, I said rig, but only because it hits that hard.  Devastatingly hard.  



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    Are the pads reusable?

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    I can’t wait to try my concentrate pads. Loved the review!