Firefly Concentrate Pads Review
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  • Super-thick vapors
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  • Messy
  • Long pre-heat
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Get ready to get to know Firefly all over again.  Prepare to fall in love.  

I’ve spent the last two weeks completely falling head over heels in love with Firefly’s new concentrate pads.  On paper, this shouldn’t work.  Not as well as it does at least.  Convection and concentrates don’t usually mix.  I’ve used 100% cotton in my Solo and SSV, and it worked, but only in a pinch.  Honestly I had low expectations for my Firefly and its new concentrate pads.  I had my expectations shattered on the first hit.  This think means business.  I’m talking hits that feel like they just came off a nail…from a convection vape!



The concentrate pads are simple.  Its not a new design.  OTher companies have versions of this, but to marginal successess each.  The guys at Firefly (I’m not being sexist, its literally two guys) figured out what others missed out on.  The wire needs to be a certain thickness, and packed to a certain density.  The pad much be inserted in such a way that no air can pass without going through the pad.  WIthout the exact combo of factors, its just not going to work.  Or its just not gonig to work well.  


These pads seem well made, they don’t want to fray at all, they seem like they wire was wound into a knot before compression.  The fit is great, the pads just need to be leveled and pressed in slightly to lock them in place and ensure that no air passes on the sides.  



The Pads require more setup and more heat than it would for just herbs, which is a huge battery suck.  To get the pads to temp, you must rage the heater for 15-20 seconds before beginning.  After that heat-up, a few large cigar-like puffs help you get the oil to temp, and vapors should then appear. Then take one long  (or short) deep breath, and your lungs will be filled with gloriously thick vapors.  CAUTION:  this is no joke.  If you aren’t used to hitting a nail, then go easy here.  It will sneak up you after about five seconds.  


It is gonna require a bit of cleaning as the Firefly wasn’t designed for concentrate use, but just keep your dabs small and you’ll be fine.  I was loading way too much intially, and it got to be a mess.  Luckily it was a mess I could clean up pretty easily.  


There is nothing on the market that i’ve tried that has come anywhere near the Firefly concentrate pads.  Excellent flavor, massive vapors.  *Swoon*

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  • Ella

    yummmmmmm. better than a rig?

    • Vape-ologist

      Well…I can’t lie. No. BUT…that being said…and I am staking my entire reputation on this…I have gotten hits as big, or bigger, than I have from a rig. This is not weak hitter. The main difference between this and a rig? Draw rate. Most rigs allow you to just take a huge rip really quick. This allows you to take a rip just as big, just as thick, just as mind blastingly strong, but it just takes a 20-30 draw to do it. But for on the go? Nothing even comes close.