With the Atmos Astra, the company tries to shed its image of the past.  

There have been so many vapes come out recently I could go to a festival and use a different vape for each band and never use the same vape twice.  The learning curve was steep for some companies that tried to do too much too quickly.  But the last 8 months has seen a complete turnover of technology for pen and portable vapes.  Atmos used to be a name associated with marginal quality…vape pens that wouldn’t vape, or worse, combust.  Atmos was not a good word around here, but they weren’t immune to the portable revolution we are in the middle of.  Then we met the Astra.


Atmos is using a new-style heater that never comes close to combusting.  Its often ceramic, but could be glass or metal depending on the model.  The Astra here has a ceramic heater, but sadly it never worked.  I charged it fully, but never got it to function.  The safety lock worked, but nothing could do would get the heater to turn on.  Any sign of life lasts about 2 seconds, and the unit shuts down.  





I dont want to write Atmos off just yet, so I contacted them and am getting a new unit sent.  Bad luck?  Or a bad vape?  Time will tell.  But first impressions?  Not great.  

In the meantime, take a look at a few images I took.  The design actually looks great, and it felt solid in the hand.  The mouthpiece ws one of themost comfortable we;ve used in months.  The 18650 battery is replaceable, so the Astra has so much potential.  Its up to Atmos to now live up to that.  


Atmos Astra atmos-astra-105 atmos-astra-106



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