First impressions of the Atmos Transporter.  Odd form factor, new great flavor.   

Lately we’ve seen companies resurrect themselves and their products from the depths of mediocrity.  PUFFiT completely redesigned their vape and absolutely killed it.  Storz & Bickel took their company in a completely new direction  with the Crafty and Mighty now that the desktop scene has nearly evaporated. The Atmos Transporter is definitely not a pen vape; it’s definitely a pen vape’s internals that  that’ve been jammed into different form factor making it a portable conduction vape.   Atmos is taking advantage of new heater technologies that allow for true vaporization of your herbs.      



The new cylindrical heater. Yes, it works.



Like the Atmos Orbit, the Transporter use a heater that requires more power than pens were capable of.  Atmos realized that the coil heaters of last year just didn’t work, and so now offer heaters that are cylndrical in nature, and have a ‘blanket’ heater that surrounds this cylinder.  The cylinder is made of ceramics or a ceramic glass hyrbid so your herbs never come in contact with the heater like older models allowed.



A well made vaporizer.

The Transporter takes an odd design turn, looking like a flask.  A flask can carry water, true, but anyone who sees a flask is immediately going to think alcohol.  And that probably is something your going to want to transport around.  Looks like alcohol, contains marijuana.  If you get pulled over with this thing in your car, it could be bad news bears.  



Two 18650 Batteries side by side naturally invited this form factor. If you don’t live in a kind state, think twice about taking it on the road.


But if you leave it at home?  I can’t confirm until I open it up, but it looks and feels like it has two 18650 batteries in there.  The shell is nice extruded and CNC’d aluminum.  Its extremely well made for an Atmos product.  We are extremely impressed with the products look and feel.  Does it work?



The heater is on the bottom, the mouthpiece is on the top. We wish the vapors didn’t have to travel through the unit. Luckily, things tasted okay, eventually.



As we mentioned previously, Atmos switched to a new heater style mainly for one reason:  the old style didn’t work.  Without spacers and a high degree of maintenance, older herb pens would always combust.  This new cylindrical heater has an even, metered heat that has been properly calibrated for our needs.  Simply put, it works and it works very well.  Since the heating chamber is made from inert materials and the mouthpiece is silicone rubber and aluminum, the flavor transfer was great – after the first three bowls – those were a bit rough.  Maybe a thorough initial cleaning with some ISO would have prevented that. Regardless things taste sooo good out of the Transporter now, we forgive them the initial funky taste.  


Atmos Transpoter mouthpeice

The mouthpiece assembly. Unscrew the metal outer, and use the rubber inner. Or use just the Outer without the inner. Just be sure to use ONE of them.


The form factor screams ‘plz search my car’ but as long as you leave it at home, you should be blasting tasty vapors out of this thing for years. We wish the vapor path was shorter and not running through the middle of the vape, and the lack of micro-USB in the year of our lord 2015 is just abominable.  Its a rock solid design, just not one that works for everyone.  


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Atmos Transporter


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