Vaped Flora – Every feature you asked for…and some you didn’t.  


We just got a new crop of RUVaped MicroVaped, and Vaped Flora.  The Flora is a completely new model that has some really interesting features like all glass airpath with a retractable mouthpiece that reminds me of the DaVinci Ascent. A new heater standard and 30 second warmup, set this up to be a great herbal portable.



The total package




The long heating chamber is pretty modest, I would say .3 to .35 gr max capacity.  The beveled side walls are a nice feature that aid in loading.  Herbal pens can be a bit difficult to load, but the Flora got it right.  



Vaped Flora is easier to load than…some.



The oven doesn’t use a skillet or nichrome wire to heat, rather the now-ubiquitous tubular micro-blanket that completely surrounds the herbs in a conduction style..  


The battery and heater aren’t two pieces, which is disappointing – it looks like the battery is probably an 18650, so its a shame that you can’t swap it out.  The charging port isn’t micro-USB, but mini.  This is ridiculous, when everything is micro these days.  DUMB.



Seriously, RUVaped Inc., RU VAPED? Why oh why use a mini-USB when micro-USB is so prevalent.



The Flora does heat up quickly, of this there is no doubt.  Unfortunately I knew this because it got so hot in my hand so quickly.  As long as you are only holding the bottom you should be okay, but  the top portion, its just too hot to handle.  



Its heats up quick. I wasn’t sure if the red ring was and LED button or heating coil. North of the ring…do not touch.



The retractable all glass mouth piece is a nice touch, and it was definitely designed well.  There’s two holes in the the bottom of the glass mouthpiece, but a third and fourth would be nice.  It was way to hard to draw.  That could be by design, so you don’t suck all the heat out right away.  Those micro-holes are probably the key to the whole thing working.


Its got two holes, but you’ll wish it had more.



First bowl impressions are good, its just a little too warm, and way to hard to draw.  I can’t imagine how often those tiny holes are going to need a cleaning.  


The Flora works…but the overall design runs out of gas pretty quickly.  The loading/unloading is a hassle because the chamber is so long and narrow.   Draw rate isn’t good at all.  Taste was good, but we strained so much just to taste it…




We’ll give the Flora a full test drive and  extensive review in a few weeks.  

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  • Shane

    This vape pen is an utter disappointment. Consistently poor hits and as the review says ‘way too hard to draw’. Airflow is crap, it’s hard to clean. Decent battery life! But for what? A vape pen that produces very little vapor and keeps you wishing you could get a decent hit out of it. Also, it either burns your flora or doesn’t extract enough. I’ve tried using this thing many times and the end result is always the same – you end up using another method because this thing sucks.

    • Chris Anaro

      Have you tried the new version instead of the two small holes it has a slit now and it allows you to draw more vape. you should try that out.

  • Hidden

    This thing sucks