Smokio pen vape:  Vape pen 3.0?

Now that the vaporizer industry seems to be maturing with so many great functional designs, manufacturers are finding ways to combine more technology into vaporizers.  Smokio pen vapes from europe

Smokio 900

The app actually provides relevant information.

Storz & Bickel recently introduced the Crafty, which is equipped with bluetooth and has an app that allows you set the temperature, adjust LED brightness, turn haptic feedback off, and track hours of use amongst other features.  While initially skeptical of these added features, , we quickly found that we used the features, and that they ended up being things felt we needed, it just took the app to show us that.  

Smokio is taking things up a notch.  Sure it tracks your puff count, but shows your usage graphically over time.  It tracks your savings over traditional methods(read: cigarettes) and allows you to set milestones so you can meet your goals. Tell it what strength nicotine you’re vaping, and it will tell you approximately how much nicotine your taking in per day.  That’s very impressive for this industry.   

The Smokio pen vape is compatible with all eGo-type clearomizers (tanks) and all e-liquids.  We think the Smokio is the first entry into Vape Pens 3.0.  But that name?  We blow vapors in the face of any vape company with the word smoke in the name.  


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