Attack of the clones!  We can’t ignore the multitude of similar designs in herbal portables these days, and the Flowermate VT1.0 is no exception.  Using the now common cylindrical ceramic/glass heater that has come do dominate herbal portables these days, and for good reason:  It works.  Will the VT1.0 deliver as well as the others, or are they bringing more to the table for your dollars?  




Simple enough. Mouthpiece, Heater, Battery


The heater performs well, is mostly easy to load, but gets CRAZY hot on the outside.  Don’t touch the outside sculpted area.  Its not going to burn you, but its seriously too hot and definitely uncomfortable.  




The ceramic / glass heater.


The oven works, but can be messy to load.  It holds a fair amount, up to one gram of herbs at once, which we found impressive.  The flavors were really good, this thing never came near combusting.  The temperature control is accurate, and has enough tension in the dial that it doesn’t move accidentally.  We wish it went to 420°F. 




Micro-USB Port, Temperature adjustment.


The unit overall heats quickly, but just gets too damn hot for comfort.  The area around the heater needs some serious insulation if this vaporizer has any chance of selling well.  



Rubber mouthpiece, ceramic and metal screens.


Cleaning will be a breeze, just remove the mouthpiece, disassemble, and soak in ISO.  The ceramic will get clogged pretty quickly, so keep a paper clip nearby to clean its holes.  



Green means go.


Does the VT1.0 work?  Yes.  And it works moderately well.  But the overall user experience leaves a little to be desired.  Its a clone that seems like it was designed by people that don’t use them every day.  So look around at other heaters like this and make sure you find a form factor that works for you.  


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  • meanween

    Thing looks sick, it’s a shame you say it gets too hot.

    Is there any other similar pen style vape that is a better value/performer?