G Slim from Grenco Science brings some class to their pen lineup.


We recently got some G Slims from Grenco Science in hand, and damn these things are small.  We have a regular black G slim, and the disposable versions of the Snoop Dogg G Slim and the Taylor Gang G Slim for flowers.  

These things are super slender, almost tiny.  We primed the coils before we loaded them for our first use, and we definitely thought the coils heated up fast.  Zero to fully glowing in one second.  The flower version has a pancake or skillet coil, and the wax version has a coil wound over a wick.  


The mouthpieces are silicone rubber and shaped well and feel good on the lips.  the flow is adequate, enough to be expected from a pen of this size.  These are definitely personal devices, there’s just no way you could load enough for two people, unless you are super-lightweights.  If you are, hats off.  


Since the battery isn’t huge, you can only get 4-5 sessions out of a charge, but luckily they recharge pretty fast.  


The whole concept of a disposable battery version is insane and serious bad practice for any company, and we discourage you from purchasing these yourself.  It just doesn’t make sense when for a few dollars more, you can have replaceable atomizers and rechargeable batteries.  

Our first impresions are good so far, other than not liking the disposables.  We are going to give it another week so see how legit this atomizer is, and then we will give it a full-onreview.  


You can buy your G Slim anywhere.  I got mine here, because the experience has been better than any other online merchant I’ve used.  

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