What is a Goboof?  Does one Goboof?  Does one get Goboofed? Is Goboofing even legal in Alabama?   These and many other questions popped up when I opened the Goboof Alfa.  Right away…people wearing animal masks on the box.  WHAT?  Okay.  I’m intrigued.  Lets hope it gets better the further we go.  



The Goboof is from Ireland, and on some level has some lineage to the IOLITE OG and WISPR2 butane powered vaporizers.  The Alfa tossed the butane can to the side and smartly went with electricity.  The only functional or visual cue of the IOLITE connection is the center pin in the heating chamber.  


Goboof Alfa package


The operation is SUPER simple.  Even we could use it.  We haven’t gotten into the smartpuff features yet, but the full review will cover that.  This little guy has great potential, as the lowest setting is at 374, perfect for our needs.  The highest setting is 430, so maybe this might work for concentrate use with some 100% cotton.  





Its super easy to load, and while I let my friend have the first hit, i was blown away by what I smelled. Absolutely fantastic floral notes.  Like…perfect vaporization.  Seriously.  this was reinforced by actually using it.  Just a completely steller vape.  


Goboof Alfa Heating Chamber


The chamber could be bigger, the mouthpiece could stay in better.  We’ll give it two weeks and see if we can live with it from day to day?  So far so good…even great.  But check back and see if the Alfa holds up.  


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Goboof Alfa

GoBoof Alfa


 Goboof?  ‘Single Baked Bean What Does It Mean’!?  Its not as sordid as we thought.  

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