Haze Vaporizer Review
Pre-Heat Time
Easy to Clean
  • Excellent flavor transfer
  • Two seperate heaters
  • Replaceable 18650 Batteries
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  • Forgetting to clean can prevent mouthpiece from operating.
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Screw the Oscars.  The Haze Vape is for YOU.  

You might have heard about the Haze portable vaporizer from Haze technologies recently, it was chosen for the Oscar nominee gift bag selection, a gift bag valued at over $250,000!  Its outstanding that the a vaporizer was even chosen for this gift bag, the exposure they have gotten is outstanding.  But not only did Haze get huge exposure, the vaporizer industry itself was able, for one small moment, to stand in the spotlight.  Kinda a first for our society.

 But whats with this Haze?  Something must be special about it to have been chosen, right?  Maybe its zircron encrusted?  Maybe its truly hands-free and floats in mid-air in front of your face? Or maybe it just frackin’ works.   That’s what I hope for.   




The design of the Haze is fresh.  This is no knockoff rehash of another product.  Haze Technologies started with a clean slate on the Haze.  It has two separate heating chambers.  Two!  They don’t work at the same time, but that’s probably for the best.  Replaceable 18650 batteries!  And they kindly included two.  There’s screens for conduction, convection, and concentrates.  The entire system is a really complete package, no matter what you vape.  The Haze has a great cooling fin system, we never found it getting hot.  





The Haze has a super unique design, but the operation couldn’t be easier.  Load your herbs or waxes, one chamber or both, and turn the Haze on and wait for it to pre-heat – that only takes about 30-45 seconds max.  Inhale.  its just that easy.  


The vaporswere thick, and there was never a taste from the device, not even on the first hit. The Haze has selected excellent materials, and you can tell from moment one.  





The Haze is all about options.  One bowl or two?  Glass or steel mouthpiece?  Herbs or blends?  Thick vapors or thin?  The Haze set out to make a vape that can do it all.  And they absolutely succeeded.  2015, year of the vape.  Haze proves it.  Well done.  Always Purchase your vaporizer from an Authorized Retailer!


Haze Vaporizer
 Cost  $249.99
 Heat-up time  >1 Minute
 Style  Convection/Conduction
 Warranty  10 Years
 MFR  Haze Technologies
 Made in  China
 Product Dimensions  3.1″ x 3″ x 1″
 Product Weight  4oz
 Charging Options  110v-220v AC  charger
 Battery Type  18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
 Heating Element  Convection/Conduction Chamber
 Vapor Path  Glass, Stainless steel, Rubber
 Vapor Delivery Method  Direct Draw 



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Haze Vaporizer
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