Should the Haze vaporizer take home the statue?

When it was announced last week that a Haze Vaporizer would be included in the swag bag consolation prizes for all the unlucky Oscar nominees that don’t take home the golden trophy, the vape industry was buzzing and rightly so.  This was a big moment for the vaporizer industry, one more small step toward complete mainstream acceptance.  


We were a bit surprised the Haze Vaporizer was chosen, considering what a top shelf vape something like the Crafty/Mighty from Storz & Bickel, or Firefly would seem a more obviously choice. So, since we hadn’t spent too much time with a Haze, we ordered one up and we have had a day or so to get some first impressions.  Some features have us puzzled, others overjoyed.  But we need a few more days to really be able to give it a full-on review.  




The Dual-bowl system is great, something we wish was on every portable.  The replaceable 18650 battery is also great.  So many portables are definitely using 18650’s, but they aren’t replaceable(I’m looking at you, G Pro, Pax, Vapium Summit, and many many others).  There’s options for convection and conduction, and even concentrates.  We don’t like the concentrate setup one bit, but we are going to test it out a few times anyway and see how much wax we waste.  




The mouthpiece situation can get a bit sticky, and the oven lid was crazy dirty after two bowls, but that could have been the insanely sticky snowbud we had loaded.  We love glass but so far have preferred the stainless steel mouthpiece.  


The vapors have tasted great so far, and nothing has come even close to combusting.  The 18650 battery lasts a long time, so…so far so good.  Maybe this vape is as good as everyone says…


Okay so another few days and maybe 10 or so bowls and we will be able to give a full review on the Haze.  So far we aren’t sure its oscar-worthy, but definitely worthy of a nomination.  


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