NOTE:  My laser thermometer reads an area approximately 1 to 1/2 inch below the red dot.  You will notice that I keep the dot on the high edge of the vape to get my reading.  When measureing the SSV glass temps, you can see my red dot is hitting the back wall above the glass.  

Reading the top section of the LSV was nearly impossibly to do accurately.  The combination of the holes, the glass, the element, the hot air….to much to deal with.    What I can say is that despite the readings that show high temps in that area, the aluminum still did not feel at hot as the handle portion, nor the top one inch of the vape.  Both of those areas registered 109 to ~115, and felt warmer than the ventilated section, despite the ventilated section giving high readings.  The high readings were just a result of the air and the wide patch of the infrared…which is .5 to 1 inch wide.  

I would love pinpoint temps at the exact spot of the laser, but my temp gun can’t do this without a probe.  Time to get a probe. 


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