Fake or counterfeit Pax’s will ruin your day.  And your bank account.


There’s been a surge in counterfeit Pax’s lately, so we thought we’d take a moment to show you how to recognize a fake Pax before you mistakenly buy one. If you find a Pax that is less than Ploom’s MSRP, then you should be very suspicious.  


Besides being constructed with lower quality materials, many of the functions and conveniences Pax offers are gone as well.  Trust us, the cost savings will only be a headache and a complete waste of money. Performance suffers if it even works at all!


Things to look out for: 

  • Some fakes force you to remove the mouthpiece in order to charge it, and often the charging system has weak contacts that don’t always make a connection.
  • Always check the box, to make sure it was constructed properly.
  • The box should have a barcode on the outside.  If you’re unsure, call Ploom and verify the code. 
  • The fakes often do not come with two packs of mouthpiece lubricant, and the quality of added cleaning tools is very low.
  • There will be no Ploom sticker on the cleaning kit.
  • Fake Pax’s often have extrusion marks visible lengthwise along its body, authentic does not.
  • The LED colors don’t match up as to what the user guide indicate.
  • Check the screw on the back of the Pax, the fake will be phillips head, and authentic will be hex.
  • The fake has no 10 year warranty.  Not from Ploom at least!


Unsure?  Then don’t buy it.  Make sure the Pax you want to buy meets all these criteria.  Want a garuntee its legit? ALWAYS buy from an authorized Pax retailer!


Do you have a bad Pax experience/reseller to share with us in the comments?  Do your fellow vaporists proud and let them know!


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