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We don’t review too many eCig setups around here, but we keep our eye on whats happening in the mod world.  We recently sat down with the iTaste MVP 3.0 and were absolutely blow away by its upgrades.  We keep the iTaste MVP 2.0 in our camera bags and backpacks due to its awesome power-out feature for USB charging of devices…will the 3.0 replace it?


MVP 3.0

The MVP 3.0 Comes with a Micro USB cable, and thread adapter.


The MVP 3.0  was obviously designed for eCigs, and its does an amazing job of providing every needed option you might need.  The iTaste MVP3.0 has a VV(variable voltage) range of 3.0 – 9.0 volts adjustable in 0.1 volt increments and a VW(variable wattage) range of 6.0 – 30.0 Watts, adjustable in 0.5 watts increments. 


From Innokin:

The iTaste MVP3.0 uses vRMS DC current and is very accurate with a power deviation of 0.1 Watt. The full 30Watts is precisely maintained between resistances of 0.4 to 2.5 ohms. There is no wasted power and exact accuracy means you are always vaping the power level that you choose. vRMS provides superior precision in delivering the exact wattage Ohm’s Law requires and stable power means better vapor.  


mvp-301 (1 of 1)

30 Watts!

The MVP offers power options unmatched in other eCig batteries.  With the built in USB port, you can plug in almost any portable electronic and charge it on the go.  We say almost, as some larger tablets may have specific power requirements that the MVP just can’t provide.  We tested it with our Samsung Note 4, Sony camera, and other portable vapes and all were able to charge.  The battery is 3800 mAh polymer Li-Ion, enough to keep you going for a bit.   DC5V /1A output, check your.  


Innokin MVP 3.0 usb cable

Available USB port to plug in other small electronic devices.


 That lighter color area near the USB port?  Maybe you forgot your USB cable.  Need Micro USB on the go?  Take a look at this:


MVP 3.0

Leave your cables at home.


A built in micro-USB cable is such a nice touch.  It was well integrated, and seems pretty durable.  No other battery is doing this.  Is it necessary?  Well, no, but it sure is a nice feature to have, one that is definitely going to get used.  


The MVP offers pass-through so you can vape while its charging, vRMS provides superior precision in delivering the exact wattage Ohm’s Law requires and stable power means better vapor.  The iTaste MVP3.0 features automatic real-time atomizer Ohms detection. If the resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.4 the Ohms bar will blink and the MVP3 will not power on.  The MVP is available in 4 colors, (sadly not green).  And the built-in micro-USB out.


Give your MVP 2.0 to grandma(or recycle it properly!) and step up to the new MVP hotness.  


Innokin MVP 3.0  TECH SPECS:

  • Operating Voltage:    3.0V-9 V

  • Operating Wattage:   6.0W-.30W

  • Standby current: 100uA max

  • Maximum output Wattage: 30W

  • Maximum output Current:10A

  • Maximum output Voltage: 9V

  • Clearomizer Resistance: 0.4 Ohm (minimum)

  • Battery: Built-in 3800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

  • Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A 

  • OUTPUT port :DC5V /1A


VERDICT: 30W, Power options, great design.  We’ll take one of each color.  


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