Iolite Original Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • NO electricity needed.
  • Bakes evenly
  • Quick heating
  • Ignitor not replaceable
  • Picky about butane
  • Smells when heating
3.8Overall Score
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Cash, Gas, or Glass?  GAS.

Something strange is going on in Ireland.  A vaporizer that isn’t tied to electricity?  Runs on butane flame with internal auto thermostat?  Freedom from the cord…forever!  Its possible.  Its it as good…or better…than the Wispr 2?  Lets take a look and find out.



iolite OG

The Heating Chamber

Iolite OG

Cooling fins

Iolite Original Video Transcript:


Hey Everybody, Vapeologist back again with a review of the portable Iolite vaporizer from Oglesby & Butler.  This vape hails from Ireland, and is definitely the most unusual vape I have ever tested, other than its sibling the Wispr 2. .   Unlike most vapes, the Iolite uses butane to heat metal that creates a conduction vaporizer.  

Out of the box the Iolite has a nice padded case, and some cleaning and maintenance tools,, and a grinder card.  I really like these grinder cards, they can be a bit messy, but they are ultra convenient, and a smart addition to the package.  

Okay first we need to fill the unit up with some butane.  Iolite recommends that you use high grade butane that has been filtered many times.  I did read on some forums that these don’t like low grade, or using different brands of butane, so start with one that is good and stick with it.   I use Vector, Iolite has their own, but as long as its quality and you don’t mix things up you should be okay.  , I fill it up.  there is no window that shows butane level, which keeps you guessing as to how much fuel is inside.

The mouth peice and the chamber are one piece, so pull the mouthpiece out like so and load it up.  Don’t pack too hard, or airflow will be impeded.     I like to invert it when I put it back in, so that nothing falls out.  

Once loaded, first turn on the unit by turning the switch from 0 to 1 , and you should hear the gas flowing.  Push in the clicker, and the unit should ignite internally.  You should hear this happen, sort of a low roar sound.   the gas will go off…this is okay, it has an internal thermostat that will turn it back on when it needs to.  The unit is emanating heat…and there is a slight smell of butane…but it goes away.  I think its best to hit the Iolite when its not heating up.  .



Once you’re up to temp, slowly inhale and enjoy.  As you draw you may cool down the chamber, but it quickly turns back on and stays at the required temperature.  The thermostat works quite well, I was very impressed with the heating functions.  `Adding one of the included mouth peice sections seems to help with the warm vapors…but another two inches would be better.

The chamber holds enough for two to share, but its a portable so you will be reloading often.  As long as you have a can of butane with you, this thing will last a very long time.  I found that a full tank would last me up to 8 sessions, depending on the size of the session.  And a full bottle of butane could last hundreds of sessions.  Awesome.  

One huge downside I found, was that once you loaded the vape, and lets say you only want one hit, its pretty much going to bake your whole load regardless, even if you turn it off asap after your hit. if you don’t remove the herb chamber, Once you turn it off you could spend another 30 seconds  in the prime heating zone, further baking your tobacco or herbs unnecessarily.  This seems wasteful to me, but is common with some portables.

You just have to be ready to take it all.  Pulling out the herb chamber  isn’t ideal.  

The sound is a bit of an issue, if for some reason you would need to use this in a quiet setting.  It can be surprisingly loud.

Overall I was impressed with the Iolite.   I didn’t really like smelling the butane but I like not being tied to an electrical outlet,.  Butane power opens doors for this vape that don’t exist for electric models.   It gets a tad warm in the hand, but the fins allow for quick cooling.  

After being skeptical at first, I am feeling that the Iolite is a worthy little vape that would be comfortable in my collection. Just always keep a can of fuel with you.  

For additional info on the Iolite, head over to for more info.



VERDICT: Cut the cord, but hold your nose.  
Iolite Original
Cost $159.99
Heat-up time  < 1 minute
Style Conduction
Warranty 2 Year
MFR Olgesby & Butler
Made in China