The Wispr 2 is pretty simple to use…and with few parts its easy to clean, the video shows you how.  If only all vapes were this easy to clean.


Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapeologist here, with a video on cleaning the Iolite Wispr 2.  The wispr is a pretty simple and effective unit, and it comes with a cleaning kit and a few tools to make cleanup easy.


It has two pipe cleaners, two replacement mouthpieces, an extra screen and retaining clip, and tools to removal and insertion of the screen and herb chamber.  But you might also need some needle nose pliers, some isopropyl alcohol, a paper or cloth towel, some q-tips , a metal pick and an interdental tool that is awesome for cleaning tight spaces.  Not always needed, but good to have.  Thanks to the vape critic for the tip on those.


One area that might need cleaning but is nearly impossible is the butane port.  There really needs to be a cap on this…if you have it in your pocket, or a backpack…or any number or places, the port could get clogged so easily.  Cap please, iolite.  


Remove the mouthpiece/chamber and separate the pieces and put in alcohol to soak. Use a pipe cleaner if you need to.  


If your chamber might ever get stuck in the unit, use one of the included tools that has threads to help you extract it.


Screw it in and pull it out.  Make sure nothing goes flying.


Use a q-tip in the chamber to remove any funk, and a metal pick if there are any trouble spots.  This is aluminum in the chamber, so use caution, it could get scratched and that area gets to be impossible to clean.  If you need to take the screen out of the chamber, use the other provided tool and push up from the bottom.  Clean your parts, and then reassemble like so.


When everything is clean, reassemble the mouthpiece chamber, and you’re done’!  So easy. No wonder this vape is so popular!