The nation synonomous with ganja finally relaxes it’s marijuana laws.


Passed on the birthday of Bob Marley and announced today, Jamaica will allow up to two ounces of marjiuana possession per person, and also allow its citizens to produce the herb with a limit of 5 plants.  While not fully legalized, in a country where it was already largely overlooked, its be decriminalized for medical, religious and scientific purposes.  


The country’s House of Representatives must still review and vote on the bill, the Jamaica Gleaner reported, but it is supported by Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller and is expected to pass.


The bill passed on what would have been Marley’s 70th birthday.  Marley died in 1981 from cancer at age 36.  He used cannabis as part of his religious beliefs, which held that smoking marijuana was a natural, positive part of life that helped one’s spiritual growth.


Besides just being sensible on the surface, this will also allow the Jamaican courts and police to focus their efforts actual crime.  Courts will be unclogged, lives won’t be ruined, and gangs will have the herbal rug pulled out from under them.   


Marijuana Freedoms

Sorry it took so long, your highness.  Courtesy of The Independant


92% of America will wait to catch up to this long-overdue progressiveness that even Jamaica realizes is the way to go.   As local communities, states and countries begin to relax their draconian laws and allow people to celebrate their freedoms, society will benefit in almost every way imaginable.  Society needs to breathe, to change, to grow.  We’ve been down this prohibition road before, and we know it doesn’t work.  Thank you Jamaica, for showing the world what freedom can mean.  


How long until the rest of the US is able to carve out, experience, and celebrate their freedoms.

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