Pax Labs has finally released its Juul eCig, what they are calling ‘Smoking Evolved’ which we find a little odd…smoking?  We thought it was ‘vaping evolved’.  Whatever.  The Juul uses ‘JuulPods’ which are not user fillable or serviceable, so its clear that PAX is going after the consumables in a big way.  We think these are aimed at the entry level vaper, who doesn’t care much about customization. The retailer list on mainly lists gas stations as retailers.  Excellent distribution, no doubt.  


The focus seems to be on these Juulpods, that utilize a new nicotine delivery system that utilizes nicotine salts, according to James Monsees, CEO of PAX Labs.  The nicotine salts allow for a hit that creates an effect more akin to smoking.   Just want something with eLiquid an no nicotine?  Keep looking, the Juulpods only come with nicotine.  Flavors?  Tabaac, miint, fruut, and brulee.  No – Seriously!   Brew-Leeeeeee…  I’d prefer some Crème brûlée, but that probably won’t go over well in gas stations.  


Juul Ecig



This eCig is clearly designed for those the use Blu, eJoy, and similar very basic ecigs.  200 quality puffs per pod?  Good stuff, but there’s no work on coil material, vapor path materials, etc.  Some other features that Pax Labs did mention:


Built to Satisfy
  • 2X nicotine strength and 3X vapor quality of leading vapor products
  • Efficient battery allows for smooth delivery system
  • Liquid-to-wick cartridge system enables consistent, flavorful vapor
  • 4 flavors (where available)
Smart Interface
  • Easy to use – no buttons or switches, simply insert JUULpod into JUUL and draw
  • Indicator light communicates battery life and pull strength
  • USB charger with magnetic contact
  • Internal temperature regulation
Technology & Chemistry
  • Small battery with high discharge rate to accommodate ~200 puffs/day
  • Juice & cartridge sponge wick system efficiently deliver full and consistent vapor
  • Coil temperature regulation delivers appropriate amounts of power during use


Chemistry?  Huh?


The Juul website has limited information about the eliquid, nor much more than what I shared here.  We’ll update as information starts to flow from PAX  Labs.

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