Kandypens Starts New IGG Campaign for Micro-DX

Kandypens, who brought the Skycloud elips-style vape to life through Indigogo last year to the tune of $200K, and 30,000 units soldare back on the crowdfunding site with what they are calling the ‘first true portable convection vaporizer:

Just one year later, KandyPens is back with a disruptive device that will change the industry permanently. The K-Vape Micro-DX is a result of the culmination of over 1 year of research and development by KandyPens. The result is the K-Vape Micro-DX. The world’s first micro digital portable vaporizer for dry herbs to utilize True Convection Technology™.

Looking closely at their terminology, ‘worlds first’… well..okay…really?  ‘Micro digital portable vaporizer’ …’to use ‘True Convection Technology™’  So okay, not the first portable convection vape on the market, but first to use a new heating tech.  Although it looks suspiciously similar to Titan 1/2 or G-Pen or Airis Sheeva (hat tip to ShitSnacks & Solomon on FC), its claiming to be the first of its kind.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one and check this True Convection Tech out for myselfs.  

K-Vape Micro-DX

But here’s the thing… There’s already a finished product, with full review on the page.  Soooo…what’s going on here?  It seems a little odd they would have a completely finished product, which if unique to Kandypens, would have cost FAR more than the $50,000 they are asking.  I feel…and again I have no hard evidence to go off, but I feel that this is just a rebrand of another vape, with a slightly tweaked heater that has been branded.  The $50K?  Maybe that covers the first order.   Compare this to the Loto Labs Evoke IGG, where you get to see all levels of development of a truly original vaporizer.  The Evoke is going through development, and is asking for a sum much much higher than Kandypens is.  Seems like IGG is being used here a purchase order loan.  I could be wrong, but the fully functional unit having already been reviewed…these vapors don’t smell right. Kinda…disruptive…to the vape industry.  Don’t think so?  Let me know in the comments.   

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UPDATE 5-12-15:  I originally thought the campaign smelled funny, like they needed the cash to place the initial order.  I was wrong.  The vapes are already produced (but you can’t have one until the campaign ends) The IGG page clearly states:

“For only 30 days, KandyPens is doing a limited release pre-order special on IndieGogo as a big “thank-you” to all of their supporters. This offer is not available anywhere else so don’t even look. They recognize that you all took a chance on us 1 year ago and they’d like to “return the favor”. 

Once they’re gone they’re ALL gone: (til we make more of course)

We are offering this exclusive limited edition campaign for our Indiegogosupporters of 500 units only! The K-Vape Micro-DX has already been manufactured and will be ready to ship by June 15th! No waiting, no games, no “scam-paigns”, no BS. 



 Kandypens has every right to use IGG this way, as long as IGG is okay with it, and clearly they are.  They are halfway and will definitely reach their goal.  Personally however, I don’t support crowdfunding campaigns for clones of products that are already on the market.  I support crowdfunding campaigns for new, fresh, original designs.  This…isn’t that.  Not by a longshot.   I’m not clear on how making people wait three weeks (to pay the same price for a vape that can be purchased today) is ‘giving back’.   The Micro-DX is probably a really decent vape, as are the vape(s) it was cloned from. 

I was wrong.  But I still don’t like the way this smells.  


UPDATE 5-14-15:  Well..Now the campaign is gone.  Poof. 




UPDATE:  From the KandyPens Facebook Page:


Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, Indiegogo decided to end our campaign prematurely and refund all contributors. We are still trying to find out why. So we have decided to launch early! We are happy to say it is for sale now!

We are extending to you the same discount offered on IGG of 25% off the retail price $199.95 on our website


So please note, that if you don’t use the coupon code, Kandypens is going to charge you $50 more than other companies are charging for the same clone.  VaporizersReviewed is officially recommending not doing business with Kandypens.  

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