Culture mag has an outstanding artlce on Nate Jackson and his life after the NFL.. As more and more acceptance of marijuana sweeps across our nation, its becoming possible for people to speak out on its various uses in ways they never could before, not without losing their livelihood. Nate Jackson talks to Culture magazine’s Scott Rappold about his life in a recent memoir about the hardships faced to get to the NFL, and what happens as a result of all the abuse you take:

“The NFL is a little out of touch with society and it’s not surprising. It’s an all-male environment, sequestered around this idea that football is the most important thing in life and everything else is just a distraction. So when football is the only thing that matters and winning football games is the only thing that matters, a warped sense of social obligation—of morality, is developed and you get these guys who don’t really know how to deal with women, family issues, social issues and who kind of turn a blind eye to that.” Culture

Nate Jackson Speaks on Marijuana and other topics post NFL

With so much societal acceptance unfolding all around us, people are free to discuss their choices in life; they are free to discuss what works for them. Its a great read, and Culture magazine is doing it like no other. Quality articles, recipes, and strain reviews. Pick up a copy today at your local dispensary.

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