The LSV heater cover mount hasn’t always been rock solid.  Here we take a look at how to take it apart and reassemble it with s little bit of cleaning along the way.


Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapeologist here, with a breakdown and cleaning of the LSV from 7th Floor.  This vape doesn’t really get that dirty, as depending on how you use it, its usually the attachment you are using it with that gets all the funk.  But it could need maintenance at some point so lets take it apart fully, clean what is needed, and then reassemble.  

If you have been using the transfer wand, as with most vape and vape-accessories, you could use isopropyl alcohol. Since the volume isn’t huge and won’t hold much alcohol, its best to warm the wand up first, and also the alcohol if you can safely do so.  Connoisseurs will definitely want to keep this alcohol wand wash, google it if you need to.  

We are going expose the heating element  in a moment so make sure that the LSV has been UNPLUGGED for at least 20 minutes and completely cool to the touch before proceeding.  THe LSV comes apart very easily.  Remove the top cap if it isn’t already and we can inspect the spherical ground glass outer for defects, and then on the the ground glass inner as well. then remove the vent section, and then the glass heater cover.  Use CAUTION…there could be shims and stuff involved.  

The heater cover has a screen in it, you can remove it if you wish, but I find just plugging all the holes and shaking some alcohol around is the fastest way.  Rinse with water and let dry


Lets put the shims back properly, first is the donut, followed by the long split ring, and finally the skinny shim.  Some units don’t need the last shim.  If you have a loose heater cover, you could need an extra shim…I think 7th Floor will send you some for the price of postage if you ask them nicely.  If you use your LSV mainly with attachments, you will want to make sure your HC is Extremely snug(but not tight) so that when you hold it upside down  the super hot heater cover won’t come off and do any damage.   

Okay, nothing too complicated here, replace the heater cover, then the vent section, and if you need the top cap, put that back on as well.

Its possible that you touched the heating element when it was exposed, and just in case you did, its best to plug in the unit and let it run on high for a few minutes in order to burn off any oils that might have collected on it.  

Once you do that load up you transfer wand and let er rip!