Life Saber Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • All Glass Vapor Path
  • Tons of Options
  • Any material
  • Gets warm
  • Not Truly Portable
  • Gets really warm.
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George Lucas Would be Proud

  No matter how you generate it, heat is heat.  You can’t revolutionize heat.  When 7th Floor wanted to create a new vape, they knew they had big shoes to fill.  Shaq size shoes.   This vape needed to function as good or better than the SSV or the DBV, and also have its own true identity. It needed to bring the 7th Floor heat to the party, but in completely new ways.  Something unique, but with renewed purpose.  

7th Floor already carries tons of attachments that allow for the use of a ton of accessories: water pipes, handheld bubblers, cold glycerin chambers just to name a few. But through their own experience and the feedback of their customers, they discovered a need for a vape that excelled at working with water devices without needing a whip or hose. They saw they had to bring the vape directly to the device – any device. They designed it to be a ultra-flexible: with clever use of ground glass joints and a segmented body design, you can now bring the heat exactly where you need it.

The LSV comes in a thick padded travel bag, with retention straps and pockets for your glass accessories. It comes standard with a 12″ glass transfer wand, creating an all glass pathway right out of the bag. Use is simple, just plug in the LSV and turn it up to 70% power. Grind up your herbs and load or vacuum them into the transfer wand as shown in the video.  Inhale and taste your herbs as they were meant to taste. The chamber holds a decent amount, but if you want to share then consider using the fatty bowl adapter(optional) allows this vape to go around the room in large groups without reloading. The fatty bowl rocks.

LSV Water Pipe Adapter

Working hard with the Water Pipe Adapter. They come in angled versions too if you have a vertical downstem.

One hot accessory that really expands the functionality for the LSV is a water pipe adapter (WPA) that is either a 14mm or 18mm ground glass joint, using a spherical ground glass connection….??? trim this for clarity Once you remove the top cap (when its cool folks, when its cool), you expose the heater cover tip that has the male end of the spherical joint.

The WPA fits into any ground-glass-based water pipe and holds your herbs. Turn on your LSV, grind up your herbs and load them into the WPA. Once your LSV is up to temp, mate the end of the vape up to the WPA and inhale. I found that having the heat up on high works best for this, as the herbs sit a bit further away from the heat source compared to normal use. You can control how fast or slow you pull through the water pipe, effectively controlling the heat level on the fly. Slower is warmer and faster is cooler.

Its ground glass on the inside, and Spherical ground glass on the outside.  Brilliant.

Its ground glass on the inside, and Spherical ground glass on the outside. Brilliant.

By using the same ceramic heating element as the SSV and DBV, you know that the LSV brings the heat… but there’s a downside. The unit is all aluminum, so it gets pretty warm to the touch after about 30 minutes. As long as you just turn the vape off after every use, you can eliminate this issue completely, but if you go longer, you are gonna have a hot vape on your hands.

Because the unit is segmented and user-serviceable, cleaning is a breeze.  You can have this whole vape dismantled in 15 seconds.  Just watch out for those famous bastard 7th Floor shims.

My only true complaint is that the unit isn’t cordless. That really isn’t a knock on the LSV; its not pretending to be something it isn’t. Its meant to be portable, easily sharable, with a lot of flexibility, which it is. But having the cord in the mix when you’re vaping is just…not ideal.  And if someone is using it with a water pipe, and accidentally blows water up into the heating element…that your holding…what then?

Out of the bag this vape offers a great all-glass vaping experience. By taking advantage of the LSV’s array of attachments: hose adapters, custom transfer wands, vapor tamer glycerin chillers, or anything you can talk their team of glass blowers into making for you, this vape allows you to create a custom setup that works for exactly how you like to ingest. Its a very flexible design that is also completely functional. A quick search on YouTube will show you a ton of different possible setups.

The Conclusion, Here Is
The LSV has all the things you would look for in a vape: excellent taste, air that flows freely with little or no resistance, with instant heat after your hit.  An all-glass pathway and shareability are a big plus.  But if the thing was cordless, just as powerful and didn’t get hot to the touch, it might be the number one vape in the land.  Its an incredibly versatile vape that is one or two versions from being perfect.

VERDICT:  Great – No Jedi is ever without his Life Saber.  
 Life Saber Vaporizer
   Cost   $199.99
   Heat-up time   1-2 minutes
   Style   Convection
   Warranty   3 Year, Extendable
   MFR   7th Floor LLC
  Made in   Asia, USA


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