Magic flight is sending the Launch Box into a much higher orbit with the release of their new Concentrate Tray.  With this tray inserted into your launch box, you can expand the range of herbals that the LB can use  you actually get two different trays when you order:

Screened Tray: This Tray is crafted from stainless steel and contains a chemically inert quartz pad below a stainless steel mesh. This tray is suitable for any concentrate that CAN fully melt to a liquid and leave no residue behind.

Un-screened Tray: This tray is also crafted from stainless steel, but does not include the stainless steel mesh or quartz pad. This tray is suitable for any concentrates that CAN NOT fully melt to a liquid. The use of liquid concentrates in the unscreened tray can lead to MFLB screen damage.

Look for a review of the concentrate trays soon!  We are pretty excited to see this addition to a great portable vape.