Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Quick Heating
  • Great Taste
  • Discreet
  • Can Combust if Not Careful
  • Screen Fragile
  • Batteries Die Quickly
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Ready for Liftoff…


If you name your vaporizer the Magic Flight Launch Box, you better be able to back it up.  Who doesn’t want to launch themselves into a magic flight?   I have to admit I came into this review pretty skeptical; T he ones I have used left me with that feeling that I just wanted…more.  They worked, but never gave me that over the top Whaaa – BAM that I was looking for.  Then I met the LB.

Straight out of the box I have to say this thing looks weird.  A battery sticking out the side?  WTF?  Its size is shockingly small  for a vaporizer, so small in fact that I am incredulous that its going to work well, but I think they could have found a better solution for the battery.  With the use of  NATURAL WOO,D Its an odd juxtoposition of nature and technology.  The LB comes in a nice metal box with two batteries and a charger, glass stem and a small brush for cleaning the screen.

Magic Flight Lanch Box

What’s in the box…

The LB can be used with or without the included glass tube.  I found it to be the only way to used the MF, without its a bit too warm for me, but I can DEFINITELY see the advantage of not using it in certain occasions.

The batteries are a bit unique, in that they do not have stickers or labels covering them, the negative(-) part of the battery is actually the outside of the battery.  They come with included rubber caps, which prevent them from accidentally discharging if say, you had them loose in your pocket or purse and something metal like your keys were in contact with both the positive and negative ends.  You can use any AA NiMH rechargeable with 2000 mAh (miliamp hours) or more ..remove stickers and adhesive before use with your LB.  The LB website has extensive information about batteries and chargers if you need it.  It comes with two batteries, but its clear after one session that two won’t be enough.


Don’t pack it too full or too tight…

MF recommends that you grind up your herbs very fine, not chunky in any way.  A normal twist grinder should work just fine, but I found a grinder card that has a fine grade grind is the best.  It works well, fits in the case or wallet easily.  If you have a LB, you should definitely pick one up.

When you load the chamber its important to know that the screen is very thin and fragile.  Load, but never pack tight, or you could easily damage the screen. The screen isn’t user replaceable.   And also never load higher than the level of the trench, so that you can shake/stir between draws.  This version has a click lock lid, but some older models might be using a rubber band.

Once your battery is inserted and the trench is loaded, squeeze or push the battery fully into the LB – there is a rubber ring inside that keeps the battery from making full contact until you squeeze –  and a light comes on inside the unit seen through the draw hole.  Heat up time is crazy quick, just wait just four seconds and draw on the vape.   Its important not to draw to hard, just take little sips, or draw VERY slowly.  You will find instantly that taking a bunch of little draws feels very familiar.

The LB tastes is very good, not woody or electronic in any way, and as long as you use the glass tube the hits are smooth and cool.  This thing doesn’t make huge clouds but that is just fine with me because the desired effect is still achieved.  Its works and it works well.     Between hits its important to shake the box to mix up the herbs to get the most even coverage.  After each load, its recommended to clean the screen with the included brush.  I don’t think that is very realistic, but again, its just a recommendation.  I use it about every 5 loads and that seems to work just fine.

They do offer a plug in adapter for home use and also a water pipe adapter, and have recently added a concentrate tray insert; I hope to review that pretty soon.

On the downside, The battery life situation isn’t very good.  Actually, its really, really bad.   “One fully charged battery per load” is what their site claims.  I am getting a little closer to two loads, but still….that’s awful in my book.  If you don’t spend a ton on extra batteries… you will probably wish you had.  I need to get 10-20 uses out of any portable, and I don’t think that is asking too much.   I also wish the glass tube somehow slid inside the box when not in use, its easy to lose.   The LB did survive the drop test from 4.5ft, only the lid opened up, but it instantly fired up and is still hitting like a champ.

Over all I think this is a shockingly good portable vape that just has some slight design, and major battery issues.  But for what it is, an uber convenient vape that fits in your hand and tastes great, I am willing to deal with the battery short comings in hopes that a major refresh of the LB is on the way.

is optimized for convenience — it was never intended to be “the worlds most efficient vape”. Dollar for dollar, the Box delivers more vapor in more locations more naturally.

 Magic Flight Launch Box
   Cost   $119.00
   Heat-up time   4 Seconds
   Style   Convection
   Warranty   2yr
   MFR   Magic Flight
  Made in   USA
  Retailers?   Authorized Only.  


Make sure you get your MFLB from an Authorized Retailer!  

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Magic Flight Launch Box
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  • Connor

    Oh boy, hear it is, another raving review about Americas favorite portable vaporizer. I truly am sorry that I am just adding to the list of pros as you try to dig through the comments to find some cons, but trust me, you should be fully convinced this is the vaporizer for you. “Why”? you may ask, well, let me give you some reasons you may not have heard before to keep this review a little bit interesting. We all know that the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB for short) is portable and reliable, with a lifetime guaranty and a customer service team that you will want to invite over for a vaping sesh. But buying a vaporizer can be more than just performance, for me, its about expression. Now I know that sounded really sentimental, so I hope you are bearing with me on this. The MFLB has a charm that no other vaporizer can compete with. Just look at the wood. I love my high tech gadgets as much as the next guy, but when I see all that wood grain of the MFLB, I always feel like I should go on an adventure and grow a beard. With over 3 unique choices or wood type, you can then choose a laser etching to adorn the glass on you box. Sure, other companies maybe let you choose a color for their vaporizers, Magic Flight lets you decide between the Celtic Tree of Life or a magic Labyrinth. I think that is pretty neat. If the marvelous wood grain or unparallelled design features did not draw your eye, take heed of the upgrades one can acquire. From finishing grinders to water pipe whips, Magic Flight has thought of everything to make your vaporizing experience truly one of a kind. In summary, I praise this vaporizer for its unique and amazing design, its custom ability options, and the upgrade components that can be acquired for it. I know you will not be disappointing with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

    • Vape-ologist

      Connor, was this meant to a contest entry?