This little vape continues to surprise me.  Its so…slapdash…but it works, and it keeps on working no matter what I do to it.


Video Transcript:


Vapologist here, today we are gonna take a look at cleaning the Magic Flight Launch Box.  There really isn’t too much going on here, other than cleaning the glass tube and then the screen inside the box, but that can be tricky unless you’re careful.

Cleaning the glass tube is easy, just wet a pipe cleaner with isopropyl alcohol,  Rinse with water and its done.

The screen inside the box is the other trouble area.  Sadly its not removeable, and its a bit fragile, so be very careful when you clean it.  Since the MFLB works via conduction by heating the metal screen that the herbs sit on, the screen takes on a lot of debris.  Mine isn’t really that dirty, and much of the patina will not come off, but we are trying to clear debris from clogging the screen.

You can try to brush this off with the brush that the mflb came with, but its only moderately successful.    I found the best way to get the screen clean is to actually turn the unit on and let the screen heat up as much as it can.  THis should dry out and carbonize most of what’s on the screen.  A gentle tap on a solid surface followed by a quick brushing should do the trick pretty well.  I have seen screens that are straight up BLACK but are cleaned regularly so they still function fine and don’t taste bad.

You might give the plastic a quick wipe with a q -tip or cloth, but  thats it!  there is really only so much you can do to keep your MFLB running great, but its still vital maintenance that needs to occur frequently.  The more you use your MF, the more you will need to clean it.  But with regular maintenance your magic flight will run for a long time, proving what a worthy little vape this is.

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