We recently posted about Nate Jackson, a former NFL player that been outspoken proponant of marijuana use in the NFL(and beyond).  This past wednesday, Mr. Jackson spoke at marijuana business conference in Denver, he called on the National Football League to look at allowing marijuana as an effective pain medication.  


Jackson is speaking out on the benefits of marijuana after resisting opioid-based painkillers that are apparently so preveleant in NFL locker rooms.  


“It kept my brain clean,” Jackson said Wednesday during the Cannabis Business Executives Breakfast that kicked off a three-day conference titled “Sports, Meds and Money.”

“I feel like I exited the game with my mind intact. And I credit that to marijuana in a lot of ways and not getting hooked on these pain pills that are recklessly distributed in the league when a guy gets an injury,” Jackson said.    (AP/HUFFPO/Arnie Stapleton)


 Jackson said he feels that a majority of players in the NFL use marijuana, whether to treat physical(and Mental?) ailments with the use of opioids, or just recreationally  for a radically safer alternative to alcohol and other destructive substances.  


Considering we are talking about a group of men that constantly bash their heads together…and like it…expectations are low that the NFL will go against the current federal drug schedule and permit its players to use marijuana.  But as our society is now a few years into the ‘great experiment’ that has been recreational marijuana legalization, we can see that no harm has come.  Crime rates in Colorado and Washington are down.  DUI’s are down.  Attendance and both schools and the workplace is up.  Tax revenue…millions of state dollars that didn’t exist before.  That is just the tip of the  iceberg.  How long will the NFL wait to come around to what society, and its own players already know?

 Still not legal in your state?  

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