When Storz & Bickel announced the Mighty and Crafty late last year, people were not only surprised that they put out a portable, but that they put out TWO.  I’ve spent a few months with both so thought I would give a quick breakdown on what the differences are.  The Crafty and Mighty aren’t cheap, but they work flawlessly.   If you’re lucky enough to invest in your future with either of these amazing vaporizers, you’re going to have to choose.  The decision may not be as easy as you think. 


Crafty vs Mighty vaporizers

Profile shots. Largely the same, but the Mighty is a bit taller.

The controls on both vapes couldn’t be more different.  The Crafty uses bluetooth and a smartphone app to control and adjust its settings, and the Mighty has an LCD screen and extremely simplified controls.  It’s an odd pairing that we don’t fully understand.  


Crafty vs Mighty vaporizers

The Might has a digital temp control. The Crafty uses an App for its main controls.


Both vapes are essentially the same product.  One just has a bigger battery that the other.  Functionally, they are completely the same.  Amazing flavors from moment one. Beyond the power capacity, any difference is marginal and doesn’t affect function.  Even the Crafty App only provides info beyond basic functions like temp adjustment and F/C conversion.  Even the difference in size of the cooling piece had a /negligible effect on vapor quality.


Extra battery power, and room for the LCD screen made the Mighty much larger than the Crafty:


Crafty vs Mighty vaporizers

Side by Side


Heating chamber size…its exactly the same on both models.  They were nice enough to color the o-rings different shades of blue. 


Crafty vs Mighty vaporizers

Heating chambers are exactly the same.


We don’t like that the Mighty has AC charging with no USB option.  DUMB.  Everything on the planet is taking micro-USB.  The Crafty has one 18650 Li-Ion battery, so the Mighty must have two, I haven’t had a chance to open it yet.  If USB can charge the 18650 in the Crafty, it can surely charge two of them in the 18650.   


Crafty vs Mighty vaporizers

The Crafty charges with USB. The Mighty doesn’t


A close inspection of the cooling chambers reveals that the Mighty’s has many chambers designed into the clever part.  With more time and surface area, the Mighty is capable of completely cooled vapors.  The Crafty’s weren’t ever warm enough that we even noticed, so maybe its a moot point.  


Crafty vs Mighty vaporizers

The Mighty’s cooling chamber does a far superior job of cooling vapors, compared to the Crafty.


Thankfully S & B uses the same screen sizes in the top and bottom of the heating chamber.  Notice also the different color o-rings in the mouthpiece as well.  



So if you’re deciding on which vape to get, it comes down to power.  With exact same heating chamber size, flow rate and temperature range, the only MAJOR difference is the battery life.  The Mightly might heat up a little quicker, but by a margin of a few seconds.  The bluetooth app for the Crafty doesn’t improve function any, but its nice to have nonetheless.  Both perform flawlessly, so if you can afford the extra $70 and do’t mind a little extra size, go with the Mighty.  Always near USB power and need something a bit more discreet?  The Crafty’s what you want.  


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