Now that Colorado and Washington allow legal recreational marijuana, entrepenours are lining up to capitalize on this emerging new industry.  Its not often that these new companies are targeted towards those states that DON’T have legal or medical MJ, but has created fully developed tours for those that want to take an MJ themed vacation in Colorado.

Whether you just need a MJ-friendly hotel for your own trip, or a full package with airfair and 420-themed transportation, My 420 Tours has you taken care of.  Now anyone in the country can travel in style to experience what freedom in America really feels like.  

My 420 Tours offers dispensary tours, so you can get a first hand look into what it takes to produce and run a complete marijuana business.  If you’d rather just absorb some THC and enjoy the beautiful rocky mountains or spend a weekend at a music festival, My 420 Tours has you completely covered.  SItting at your hotel, too tired to go out to a retail store to stock up on Snowbud?  Their concierge will keep you stocked and lifted.

Packages and hotels are currently only located in Colorado, but plans are in the works to expand to Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.  Luckily the first four states to allow recreational MJ. 

Now that Amsterdam has clamped down on foreigners purchasing MJ in many cities, and Vancouvers MJ scene retreats as the Canadian government tried to figure itself out, Colorado has become the premiere destinatioin for those who want to celebrate freedom in a haze of vapors.



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