Put your monocles on ladies and gents, we’re getting high like it was 1867

Once in a while a vape comes along that isn’t like the others.  These vapes standout for uniqueness of design, or function, or both.  Firefly, PAX, Magic-Flight Launch-Box(MFLB), and the Mighty/Crafty.  These vapes charted their own course, they did it their way. The Launch-box had an accessory tray system the allowed you to vape concentrates, and it worked…pretty well, but was a bit of a pain to manage.   About a year ago, Magic-Flight released the Muad-Dib, a model made exclusively for concentrates.  



M-D recommends you load an amount the size of that little metal ball. Clearly, I have loaded WAY too much.




We’ve had a pre-production beta tester for about 6 months, and recently got a hold of a production model.  They have made some great changes and improvements, the package is very refined compared to the beta tester.  M-F definitely went with a steampunk design, which may not be for everyone…but after one hit...it quickly becomes for everyone.  You don’t want native mode here though, you want the whip attached for sure.  We love the black hose and brass fittings, its really a beautiful vape. The Muad-Dib is a quick, no-nonsense vape.  It Frackin’ works.  






We love the M-D.  But like any relationship, there are issues.  We jumped at the chance to get our hands on a new model, as this will give us a chance to show you what its like to live with this as your daily portable(or not) wax rig.  We wouldn’t call it a rig unless it was packing some serious hits. It produces great, tasty thick clouds. Its fast, its efficient, and it is super reliable.  It just works.  Take a good look at what the M-D looks like brand new.  After 7, 14, and 21 days we will show you what daily life is like with the M-D.


 Here’s a few more shots of the vape before we used it for the first time:






The cup inside the chamber allows for over-spills and collected residues to be drained out and reused.


The heating screen is now removable, and the packae comes with a replacement screen!


Its really a beatiful design.



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