Never be caught with a dead portable again. Get portable Vape Power!


We’ve all been there.  It’s ‘that moment’  You just got off work.  You just finished with your in-laws.  Or your kids.  You need a break, you need a moment to step away and get your head straight.  You grind that beautiful snowbud and load your portable vape.  You turn it on…and realize its dead, or about to die.  You won’t even get a single hit.


Dead Batteries


Externals come in a huge variety of sizes, so everyone will have different needs to base their decisions on.  Here a couple of things to keep in mind:  Rated sizes, measured in mAh(MilliAmpHours) are not terribly accurate.  A 10,000mAh pack may only output 9000mAh due to power loss.  So check to make sure the manufacturer is displaying real capacity vs actual ouput.  

Some devices have different power requirements.  Note the two USB ports below output different power levels:


power (2 of 4)

Options. Get some.


 There a ton of external battery options these days.  From lipstick-sized versions that can get you a few extra hits to large scale battery packs that can recharge multiple devices at once and more than one fully complete charge for each.


Portable Vape Power


There a zillion brands and options out there, but here are a few that we’ve had experience with:


Maximum Power!

Lip Stick Sized

Solar Charger!


And of course, BEWARE OF FAKES!  Always purchase your vaporizer from AUTHORIZED RETAILERS!


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