Right now the industry is bustling with new products, some just announced, some seeking funding, some fully funded and ready to hit the masses. Some companies are more transparent that others of course, So VapeTracker will seek out the new vapes in development, and try its best to follow along with updates as things get moving along towards dropping. And then look for the review to soon follow!

This installment of VapeTracker is for the VaporBlunt Baker. I am pretty excited about this vape, it can get to temps near 700 degrees F. Its obviously aimed at being able to vape anything from flowers and leaves to concentrates. It mentions lots of glass attachments, so hopefully it will be as versatile as the SIlver Surfer Vaporizer(SSV), widely known for working with nearly any attachment due to its Ground Glass setup.

VaporBlunt Baker Accessories

They already have the accessories lined out, I think we should be seeing this vape pretty soon. Images came from Box mockup


VaporBlunt has a good reputation, so I think this vape might be a winner.  Only time will tell, I will update you all as soon as they announce!